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[REVIEW] TonyMoly Pocket Bunny Moist Mist

Morning everyone!

I’m having a cup of coffee, listening to some NPR, and blogging before my early-morning teaching shift. 🙂

Today I’m typing up a review that I posted previously on /r/AsianBeauty (you can find me there under username “Sabinchen7”).

 1 - So cute

I got this facial spray because I’ll soon need a replacement for my current one (the rose/aloe spray by Mario Badescu) and I needed to figure out which AB product can replace it! I ordered this from RRS (RoseRoseShop – a great website to shop for AB products, for those who don’t follow /r/AsianBeauty) and it came shrink-wrapped. This product comes in a “Moist” version as well as a “Sleek” version, and the packaging is slightly different for both. I have normal/dry skin so I knew I shouldn’t choose the Sleek one. The Sleek one is for combo/oily skin from what I hear! So if you have drier skin, make sure to pick out the “Moist” version! The packaging is hard plastic and feels very sturdy. It feels like it won’t break even if I drop it multiple times (which I have!!). The ears are just as sturdy as the rest!

2 - Backside all in Korean

Here’s the back – for those of you who can actually read Korean! :3

3 - Without cap on

It snaps on and off with a really satisfying firmness and snap. I take the cap on and off out of habit when I’m studying, or bored. Haha! The mist is decent, but it’s not as fine as the NYX Dewy setting spray (in case some of you have tried it). All the same, it’s still pretty good – good enough to satisfy me. The scent is very light, kind of a generic lotion-y smell. Some people on Reddit mentioned it kind of smells peachy. The consistency reminds me of asian toners – not VERY watery, more like ever-so-slightly-viscous. It doesn’t dry sticky. It’s clear and it doesn’t add dewiness, but it makes your powder looks less powdery and it hydrates. I always use this over my makeup, never just on my skin to hydrate morning/evenings. I have other creams and such for that instead. It helped moisturize my dry flakes better than my Mario Badescu facial spray, so that’s good. It sinks in very quickly, too, I was surprised. I didn’t really have to pat it in because of this. I like it a lot! When I run out, I will definitely repurchase. It is SO adorable that I find myself pulling it out and using it just for the sake of using it haha. I might go through this faster than my other facial spray, but maybe this means my face will be better hydrated than before! 😀

❤ Bine Queen ❤

4 thoughts on “[REVIEW] TonyMoly Pocket Bunny Moist Mist

  1. hi and thanks for review 🙂 i just purchased one but pretty dissapointed coz nozzle is more spitting than makes mist and second – it makes my skin oily look after using it. i ordered one more but “sleek” so i hope for different (better) performance 😎

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    1. Oh that’s too bad! Yes it’s very moisturizing so I wouldn’t recommend the “moist” one for oily skin. I love mine to death!! It keeps my makeup fresh and my skin moisturized!


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