Coffee Time Chat

No-Buy February

Morning guys! 🙂

Having my cup o’ Joe and catching up on my world news as well as Asian Beauty news! This morning’s post is just to chat!

If you guys have a smartphone and love to browse /r/AsianBeauty, having the Reddit app makes it soooo easy to be constantly checking up on your favorite subs… maybe too easy… haha! I swear I use the app to check on new posts and comment so many times throughout the day, I lose count!

So the month of February has been a no-buy month for me – it’s been tough, because here in Taiwan they had some major Chinese New Year sales. What comforted me a little was that at least I wouldn’t have to fight the hordes of people in Watson’s and Cosmed, lol! As an aside, we need to get Watson’s in the U.S. – SO bad – I don’t know what I’m going to do when I leave! I love me some in-person shopping, but I guess my AB shopping experience will become limited to online-only. *Sigh*! But anyways. The city I live in is a HUGE tourist attraction in Taiwan and everybody tries to get here over the holidays. So traffic downtown has been insane! This month I’ve only been downtown a couple times, which is rare for me. I love to go for a stroll, window shop a little, or grab a coffee.

Speaking of coffee – you guys, there are SO many AMAZING coffee shops in Taiwan! My boyfriend laughed at me before we left for Taiwan, because I was panicking and thinking I’d have to pack a whole suitcase with coffee beans – bloggers online had been saying that it’s hard to find good coffee here. Maybe they weren’t looking hard enough? Because there’s a café here, like, every two blocks, not even kidding! AND they’re all so passionate about their coffee, too. Coffee shops here require the owners to have had certification as a barista before they can operate, so every single café I’ve been to has been such an amazing experience. Starbucks is NOT necessary here! No offense to Starbucks.

Seriously though, I can’t wait until next week – MARCH!!! My birthday month! And I will definitely be treating myself to some new AB items. I’ve been fiddling with my RRS cart all month haha! My finger’s itching to click the checkout button! 😄

Did you guys recently go through a no-buy? Anyone doing one right now? What helps you get through yours?

❤ Bine Queen ❤

4 thoughts on “No-Buy February

      1. Awesome! I’ve really enjoyed your blog since discovering it. I recently bought the Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream but have yet to crack it open… it looks like it’s so good that it’s back-up worthy! I can’t wait to try mine.

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      2. Thank you so much!! I really enjoy reading yours too 🙂 The cool part of blogging is that you get exposed to so many other blogs that I wouldn’t have found otherwise!

        I hope you like the recovery gel, I still use it daily!!

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