Coffee Time Chat

No-Buy February

Morning guys! 🙂

Having my cup o’ Joe and catching up on my world news as well as Asian Beauty news! This morning’s post is just to chat!

If you guys have a smartphone and love to browse /r/AsianBeauty, having the Reddit app makes it soooo easy to be constantly checking up on your favorite subs… maybe too easy… haha! I swear I use the app to check on new posts and comment so many times throughout the day, I lose count!

So the month of February has been a no-buy month for me – it’s been tough, because here in Taiwan they had some major Chinese New Year sales. What comforted me a little was that at least I wouldn’t have to fight the hordes of people in Watson’s and Cosmed, lol! As an aside, we need to get Watson’s in the U.S. – SO bad – I don’t know what I’m going to do when I leave! I love me some in-person shopping, but I guess my AB shopping experience will become limited to online-only. *Sigh*! But anyways. The city I live in is a HUGE tourist attraction in Taiwan and everybody tries to get here over the holidays. So traffic downtown has been insane! This month I’ve only been downtown a couple times, which is rare for me. I love to go for a stroll, window shop a little, or grab a coffee.

Speaking of coffee – you guys, there are SO many AMAZING coffee shops in Taiwan! My boyfriend laughed at me before we left for Taiwan, because I was panicking and thinking I’d have to pack a whole suitcase with coffee beans – bloggers online had been saying that it’s hard to find good coffee here. Maybe they weren’t looking hard enough? Because there’s a café here, like, every two blocks, not even kidding! AND they’re all so passionate about their coffee, too. Coffee shops here require the owners to have had certification as a barista before they can operate, so every single café I’ve been to has been such an amazing experience. Starbucks is NOT necessary here! No offense to Starbucks.

Seriously though, I can’t wait until next week – MARCH!!! My birthday month! And I will definitely be treating myself to some new AB items. I’ve been fiddling with my RRS cart all month haha! My finger’s itching to click the checkout button! XD

Did you guys recently go through a no-buy? Anyone doing one right now? What helps you get through yours?

❤ Bine Queen ❤

4 thoughts on “No-Buy February

      1. Awesome! I’ve really enjoyed your blog since discovering it. I recently bought the Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream but have yet to crack it open… it looks like it’s so good that it’s back-up worthy! I can’t wait to try mine.

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      2. Thank you so much!! I really enjoy reading yours too 🙂 The cool part of blogging is that you get exposed to so many other blogs that I wouldn’t have found otherwise!

        I hope you like the recovery gel, I still use it daily!!

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