Samples Project Part 1

I’ve wondered myself whether this was a phenomenon only feasible with certain brands. Great post, very informative!

Vanity Rex

Lately, it’s been pointed out that for some products, the per unit price of samples is cheaper (sometimes significantly) than the full size price. I gathered some data on a few brands and product categories I was interested in. Here are the results.

savings by brandThe results by brand largely confirm what I already suspected. The more expensive the full sized product is, the cheaper (relatively speaking) the sample is. For Su:m37, Whoo, and Iope products, buying samples is a no brainer if you don’t mind the associated risks (more on that below). Nature Republic and Missha see some steep discounts as well, BUT my NR data consists of one product and Missha items are heavily promoted and discounted quite frequently . My Innisfree data is one product as well, but the sample was actually more expensive per ml than the real product. Innisfree products are already very affordable. This make sense.

savings by typeTurns out…

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