Étude House Drawing Eye Brow: Review

I’ve always used the normal twist-up eyebrow pencils. This post made me wonder if I’d like this sort more. Have you guys compared them? Which do you prefer?

Sunkissed Subtlety

Few years back I paid very little to no attention at all to my eye brows. But ever since I realized how an ultimate brow definition does make a huge difference in one’s appearance, I became conscious and started going to the salon. I really have no talent in brow shaping so I found it easier to just have someone else do it for me. Even one of my friends used to help me get through the hassle of using eyebrow pencil to give my brows a more defined look. Everything seemed so effortless! Then I thought I should perhaps start taking care of my eyebrows on my own. So I tried using a standard brow pencil that has a pointy tip, I didn’t find it friendly and I always ended up having two differently shaped eye brows!😄 As a beginner and no expertise in brow shaping, I had to look…

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