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Repackaging Samples

Morning all! While sipping my coffee today, I typed up this quick post for you guys! Today’s post is what I do with sample packets that contain enough product for more than one use:


So last month I was trying to get through some samples, BUT the Skinfood Royal Honey Mask samples had so much product in them that I only needed half of what they gave me. It was messy (and unhygienic) to keep the leftovers in the little sample packets, so yesterday I finally went over to my local 199 store (for those of you in Taiwan, I’m pretty sure you can also find these at Poya) and picked up an empty pump bottle!

Ladies and gents, this is what 8 sample packets of Skinfood Royal Honey Mask looks like:


Not bad! And I only need a couple pumps to cover my face. This will last me until the full-sized bottle arrives at my front door! Going to review this puppy real soon, guys~
Loving it, highly recommended!

So just so you guys know, if you order these samples from RRS (RoseRoseShop), they come in a pack of 10, so it’ll be a little more product than what you see here. I just used up the first two before I got around to doing this! 😉

Have any of you repackaged your samples? What did you do?

❤ Bine Queen ❤

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