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[Review] Mizon Acence Blemish Out Pink Spot

Happy Monday everyone! Having coffee after a good night’s sleep is so nice! Usually I only get like, 4 hours, max, during the week. Thank goodness for the weekend!

Today I’m finally talking about something I promised you guys last week:


During travel, the pink and yellow layers get mixed together, but give it a couple hours and they will separate again!


This is my HG secret weapon for keeping my face clear even with the occasional pimple here and there!

I used to use hydrocolloid bandages, and they worked really well to help heal my breakouts after they’d been opened up already.

This product is great for people who can’t stand waiting until they finally come to a head! Since using this, I haven’t touched my hydrocolloids! Although they would still be useful if I did use them, I don’t really have to use them anymore.

Now, when I feel the looming sensation of a pimple that’s about to appear, or I have one that pops up during the day, I just take a cue tip and apply this stuff all over it.

You dip it straight through the yellow liquid down to the pink stuff, then pull it straight out again. No double-dipping to avoid contamination!!

It smells a bit like calamine lotion, the stuff we used for chickenpox when we were kids.

It dries over your blemishes and it dries them up as well! It’s AMAZING overnight, and it does say that (unabashedly) on the bottle:

“The patented acne soothing-formula improves Blemish visibly in 1 night.”

Capitalized “blemish” for emphasis? Haha.

Here’s my skin when I wake up after using this:

You can see how that one spot is already peeling off!! The dead skin is rubbed off by washing my face and underneath there’s already healed skin. Wheee! And there’s a blemish on the bottom right there that’s already come to a head and is ready to be dealt with. After I “deal” with them I put a little more of the Pink Spot stuff on top, to kick-start the healing process.

It doesn’t rub off on my bed sheets or pillow cases, but the spots do fade a bit by morning. If I have some time in the morning before I actually have to put on makeup and leave the house (like on weekends), then sometimes I reapply a little more just for some *umph*, to really make sure those blemishes are zapped before I face the world.

I’ve used it for a month and a half now and i’m only a third of the way through the small bottle. I’m DEFINITELY repurchasing as soon as I get low. This stuff, I need it in my life and I will suffer when I go on vacations!!

Have any of you tried this? I know SnowWhiteAndThePear’s blog has a post about this, which is what inspired me to try it out!

What do you guys do to battle against your blemishes? Any advice/secrets? 😀

❤ Bine Queen ❤

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