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[Review] Narüko’s Taiwan Magnolia Brightening & Firming Skincare Line

Good morning!! I’m using my new coffee beans to help me get through the middle of the week! They are aaaall sold out at the café, so I know they’re really good XD

I’ve gotten requests in the past from the AB community to do a review on Narüko’s Taiwan Magnolia line, so here it is!

I’ll start with the Narüko’s Taiwan Magnolia Brightening & Firming Toner EX:

The container is thick, heavy plastic that gives it a more luxe feel.

Niacinamide is the THIRD ingredient!!!

  It’s a ketchup-style dispenser – you flip it over and shake a couple drops of products into your palm. With this dispenser, it doesn’t pour out, but you don’t really need to shake with the toner. It’s runny enough that it comes readily out if tipped over, but it’s viscous enough that it doesn’t gush out.


Please see CosDNA post, linked HERE.

Translucent, very watery, and very little fragrance.

It absorbs very readily. If you pat it in, it absorbs very quickly and I find that it helps increase the absorption of the other products. This is a hydrating toner. It only smells very lightly of flower water (probably the magnolia), but it’s hardly noticeable and does not linger. Very pleasant! A little goes a long way with this whole line, but this toner gives that phrase new meaning – I only need two or three drops of this stuff for my whole face!

Next, the Narüko Taiwan Magnolia Brightening & Firming Lotion EX:

It comes in the same kind of container as the toner.

  The back has the ingredients and instructions in English again:

Here niacinamide is the FOURTH ingredient!


Please see CosDNA post, linked HERE.

When you dispense it ketchup-bottle style, just gently shake and a couple small blobs come out. You do have to use more force than the toner. I haven’t had any issues with it dispensing too much if I’m not overly aggressive with the shaking.  It’s milky-white and slightly translucent:

The consistency is typical of asian emulsions – thinner than cream, thicker than toner. It runs slightly if you tilt your hand, but not very quickly.

The smell is just like the toner – naturally floral, but barely there.

I do really like this emulsion. It’s not too thick and it’s perfect for the morning. I use it at night as well if I feel like I need extra moisture. It feels very emollient.

Next, the Narüko Taiwan Magnolia Brightening and Firming Vitamin K Eye Cream EX:

Instructions in English again on the back!


Please see CosDNA post, linked HERE.

It’s a typical squeeze tube – I didn’t have any issues with too much product coming out. It was very easy to control portion size with this tube. 🙂

Here’s a shot of what I would use for the area around one of my eyes:

 It’s the thickest product out of all of these, and doesn’t run at all. It spreads very easily and turns very emollient upon application, but feels light and absorbs quickly with some light tapping. Sometimes I layer on a second application for extra moisture. This is perfect for summer! I do think I need a heavier eye cream for the dry weather in the winter. It has the same scent as the other products in this line.

And last but not least, the Narüko Taiwan Magnolia Brightening & Firming Night Gelly EX:

 This comes in a heavy glass jar with a hard plastic twist-off lid.


Please see CosDNA post, linked HERE.

This does come with a thin plastic lid to separate the contents from the screw-off lid, as with many jar packaging – and it did come with a spatula. I just chose to not use them anymore!

I would say this is even lighter in consistency than the emulsion, actually. It’s a light gel-like cream that absorbs quickly. This product is my personal favorite of the bunch – it’s nice to have for summer when I need a lighter moisturizer at night, and if need be, I can always layer a sleeping mask on top. It has the same scent and has lasted me a long time, just like the others! I also find that it helps me reduce inflammation/redness overnight, even if I don’t use the other products in combination with it.

It’s milky-white like the emulsion, but more translucent. Same scent!

I’ve been using all of these products for about 5 months now, and I’m getting close to running out now, finally! They last a long time, especially the toner and emulsion. There’s just so much product in there, and a little goes a long way! I have noticed that when used in combination, I can really fight my PIH spots with them. I’ve mentioned this a lot before on /r/AsianBeauty, but this skincare line really saved my butt (well, my skin) when I had a bad run-in with some Hada Labo products that my skin didn’t agree with. As you can see from the ingredient lists, it’s mostly plant extracts and ingredients geared to improve your skin, with little to no fillers. I think that’s why it agreed so well with my skin! It’s light enough to be used during summer, and moisturizing enough that paired with a good sleeping mask, I could also use this in the winter. I have normal/dry skin, for reference!

A unique aspect of the Taiwan Magnolia line is that a portion of the profit from every purchase will be donated towards a good cause here in Taiwan:

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 9.29.26 AM

You can buy this at your local Watson’s (or Cosmed), and they sell for somewhere between $300-400 NTD a piece, usually. Watch out for sales/promotions! 😀 Sometimes Watson’s has promotional sets of a particular line, with one full-size and other sample sizes. They’re a good deal!

Online, you can find some of these on Amazon, Narüko’s Singapore-based website, YesStyle, or eBay. I’m sure there are other websites that I’ve missed, but those are the top ones that came up with a quick Google search! 🙂

Has anyone else tried Narüko? Which products have you tried? What was your experience? 😀

❤ Bine Queen ❤

7 thoughts on “[Review] Narüko’s Taiwan Magnolia Brightening & Firming Skincare Line

  1. Ooooh I’m so curious about niacinamide! This brand does look really luxe – very spa-like. I’ve never heard of Narüko before.
    I was going to ask you about the price since they look expensive, but converting the NTD $ over to Canadian ($12-16), they’re not too bad at all!
    Thanks for sharing this – you’ve introduced me to a new brand.

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