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[First Impression] Étude House Acai Berry Sheet Mask

Morning everyone! Happy Monday – I hope we are all starting it off with a delicious cup o’ Joe!

 I wanted to make a quick post about an awesome experience I had with this Etude House mask – unfortunately I didn’t think to take before/after pictures at the time, so those will have to wait until I repurchase them (because I loved it!!!).

Someone was lovely enough to gift me the Etude House I Need You Acai Berry Sheet Mask:
  The backside:

  INGREDIENTS:  Face mask picture:  It fit my face differently than the MBD (My Beauty Diary) masks – the eye and mouth holes are smaller, and there are no large/deep cuts on the sides or chin to help adjust the fit – so I had to just fold it where needed instead. So it still worked out in the end anyway!

Also, they don’t come folded onto a sheet of plastic – it’s just folded over itself inside the package, so you do have to be a bit careful when unfolding it, or it might rip. It does seem like a fairly sturdy mask, though! I didn’t manage to rip it on my first try!

I thought it was absolutely wonderful! I didn’t know what to expect, and I was a bit wary of the alcohol in the ingredients, but this really absorbed into my skin well.

If you guys have tried MBD masks – you know how once you put them on your face, they are so soaked with essence that it takes a while before it feels like it’s actually clinging to your face? This Etude House mask felt like it started sticking to my face very quickly after application. And after use, I felt like everything had been absorbed into my skin, because there was pretty much nothing left in the mask itself. Here’s a picture of it after use:

 And the best part of all, after I used it, my skin looked AMAZING. I mean… with MBD masks that I’ve used (I’ve tried the Royal Honey, the Collagen, and Apply Polyphenol), I noticed that my skin was more hydrated, or soft, or less irritated. But THIS… this Etude House Acai Berry, it made my skin look so beautiful! It was plump and glowy, I could barely see my fine lines around the eyes, and the effect continued into the next morning/day! My face just looked so… healthy!!! I started immediately adding as many of these into my RRS cart as possible haha! Luckily I stopped myself and remembered that I should try and wait until I get to Taipei in late April. But ohhh man. So hard to wait!

So I was wondering – which Etude House masks have you guys tried? Which ones are your favorites?

❤ Bine Queen ❤

2 thoughts on “[First Impression] Étude House Acai Berry Sheet Mask

  1. I love face masks! Like getting a spa treatment at home. 🙂
    I’ve never tried the Etude House brand, this looks pretty good! The mask size looks quite large which is what I like.
    (I never found MBD masks to be all that fantastic, but I think they are a following because they were one of the first sheet masks on the market and they do offer a huge variety).


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