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[First Impression] Narüko Raw Job’s Tears Mask

Good morning everyone! 🙂

Have you ever felt like, if you don’t get your coffee soon, you’re probably going to knock someone out before the morning’s through?  Today’s one of those mornings. I need it to keep my sanity today lol. That, and sheet masks!

Behold, one of the single masks that I bought from Watson’s:

Narüko Raw Job’s Tears Supercritical CO2 Pore Minimizing & Brightening Mask


  It comes folded very neatly inside the envelope with a perforated plastic sheet:

  There are small cuts for the outer corners of the eyes and the bridge of the nose, and larger cuts near the chin:

Me with it on:


 It doesn’t fit to my face as well as My Beauty Diary or even Etude House, but I made it work. I would imagine that on a rounder face, this mask would fit better. On my oval-shaped face, the chin/cheek areas were kind of loose and kept hanging off periodically due to the poor placement of the cuts in the mask. Ah well!

It was soaked with essence just like My Beauty Diary’s masks, and it smelled like the plant extracts it is full of – kind of floral, not overpowering at all. I think it had less of a scent that MBD!

It didn’t adhere to my face right away as well as Etude House – in this sense, it was very similar to MBD. However! The effects were close to what I experienced with Etude House – my face was incredibly smooth during the application of the rest of my routine’s products, and the effect has continued through this morning at least. It plumped up my eye area and reduced redness. I don’t have any issues with pores, but I did feel like my skin was firmer than before. It didn’t create an immediate glowy look, but perhaps other types of Narüko masks will! This one is supposed to target sebum production as well as pore size, so I suspect that’s why it’s not as glowy as the Acai Berry from Etude House. 🙂

Have any of you tried this line, or a Narüko mask? What do you think?

❤ Bine Queen ❤

4 thoughts on “[First Impression] Narüko Raw Job’s Tears Mask

  1. That’s a lot of attention to detail with the small cuts at the eye area and the nose – I’ve never seen that on any of the face masks that I’ve used so far (I have seen the chin ones before). Never heard of this brand until I started reading about it on your blog! I’m going to check it out, I see that they sell this brand on

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  2. I’m adding this one to my growing list of Naruko products I want to try (mostly thanks to your reviews!). I’m not the biggest fan of MBD masks, in part due to the smell, so the reduced scent is a big plus for me!

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  3. I just the naruko raw jaw tears sheets masks did not fit well on my round face. When I pulled to fit the mask better, I ended up tearing a corner of it. It smells like their moisturizer. I haven’t seen dramatic result but my face is definitely smoother after one use.

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