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[Review] Mamonde Happy & Smart Cleansing Tissues

 Good morning, all! Taiwan is celebrating a lovely long weekend because of Children’s Day and Tomb Sweeping Day – hooray for holidays!! 😀 So today I’m sipping my last cup of coffee for the week – wheee!!

Last night I finally snapped pictures of a product I’ve been using off and on for the past few weeks:

Mamonde Happy & Smart Cleansing Tissues (everlasting flower)

This baby packs 80 sheets!!! I won’t need to repurchase for a while, but I totally will when I run out – this packaging is so cute and convenient!

The lid on top snaps on and off – you can faintly see the three holes where it snaps in. It has a nice finger-hold to lift the flap:

  The tissues are perforated, and they are soaked with enough product to make them moist, but not “wet”. It’s been more than enough to remove all my makeup. The only issue for me (a small one) was that they don’t readily separate when I pull them out of the dispenser, so I have to watch for the next one coming out and rip it myself. Otherwise, I like it! They are lightly scented (floral), but not overwhelmingly so. And as I rub my makeup off, I don’t have to use a lot of pressure to get it off. I also feel that it lightly exfoliates, because of the material and the perforations. It feels sturdy, like cotton.

Here are the instructions, taken from RRS (RoseRoseShop):

– Description
Contains Vital Flower Complex
(Lavender & Everlasting Flower Extract)
to help skin to replenish from the stress.
Cotton Flower Extract protects skin from repetitive stimulation of
cleansing and harmful environment and
creates barriers to protect cells and restore into healthy looking skin.

– How to use
1. Open the upper lid and remove the aluminum container.
Pull the tissue. 2. Open the lid which is at the top of the tissue
and close the lid after passing the tissue through the hole.
3. Wipe lightly around the eyes and mouth, face.
4. Close the lid after use to prevent drying of the contents.


I couldn’t find the ingredients anywhere online! 😦 They didn’t break me out, though, so that’s good. If anyone knows where to find the ingredients, let me know in a comment below!

 And here is evidence of how well they work: 

  They readily remove all my waterproof mascara and BB cream:

 They aren’t life-changing, but they’re great facial cleansing wipes that do what they need to do, and I like the packaging a lot. Plus, they’re a great deal in my eyes – on RRS (RoseRoseShop) I got them for $7.70 USD!! That’s a steal considering some 30-pack wipes at Walgreens are already $5 or $6 USD!

I don’t use them daily, but whenever I feel tired in the evening and have low motivation for my routine, I break these out to get myself started. These are also necessary for when I travel! I would totally repurchase these.

Have you guys tried these wipes? What’s your favorite kind of AB cleansing wipes?

❤ Bine Queen ❤

3 thoughts on “[Review] Mamonde Happy & Smart Cleansing Tissues

  1. Haha Tomb Sweeping Day! I used to work with suppliers in Asia and I seriously thought they were BS-ing me with this Tomb Sweeping Day… then I looked it up, and yup, it’s a real thing.
    I don’t use cleaning wipes but this one looks mighty handy with the pop open lid and perforated sheets!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha no joke I didn’t know I had Monday off because of that holiday until yesterday.

      Indeed, handy it is! I keep it next to my bed so there’s no excuses when I’m lazy about cleansing lol


  2. I happened to have RRS opened in a tab and looked for this product. They have refills so you don’t have to buy another container *_* so tempted now

    On another note I really like Mamonde’s packaging for the more graphical-looking ones (ie their hand creams and sheet masks). Just makes me wanna buy ’em……..

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