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[Review] Etude House Correct & Conceal CC Cream

Morning everyone! I was too lazy to make real coffee and had to crawl over to the fridge and drink my emergency canned stuff. Man I need more sleep!!

Today I’m talking abouuuuut:

My new favorite CC Cream! The Etude House Correct & Conceal 8 in 1 Silky CC Cream!! 


Side of the carton:  


I was a tad concerned about the Ethylhexyl Palmitate, because I kind of suspect that as the culprit of breaking me out when I tried TonyMoly’s CC Cream recently… but this one didn’t break me out, so maybe it was low enough on the list! Or… perhaps it was some other, elusive ingredient that other time. Who knows!!

The tube itself (so pretty):


Back of the tube:


With the cap off:

See that little bump on the bottom of the pump section? There are three of those around the base of the pump and it really keeps the cap on snugly – and makes a really satisfying snapping sound when you put the cap back on.

Here’s what it looks like:



It’s creamy and doesn’t run down your hand at all.


You can see above, it’s white with little capsules of pigment in it.


Below, I smeared it out and started blending it a little to show the color change better, when the pigment capsules are broken:  



My bare BEFORE face, cleansed and toned:  

With one thin layer of the CC cream:

It’s lightly fragranced, and kind of smells like perfume. But the scent doesn’t stay after application, and I didn’t find it unpleasant. You can tell that it takes the redness out of my face and evens it out a bit. I think it perked up my skin tone and brightened my face a bit as well!

And then my full FOTD (sunny day):

 And here’s another full FOTD on a different day with two layers of it on (cloudy day):

It’s not what I would call really glowy or dewy (especially when compared to my other base makeup products from Korea), but has a very natural-looking finish. It doesn’t cover blemishes or my under-eyes, so I do need some concealer for that. It’s definitely a light coverage because of that, but you can build it up a little, and I can definitely manage with slapping some on without concealer if I’m in a hurry!

Overall, I really like it and I’ve been favoring it over my BB creams for the past week! The BB creams give me a lot more coverage, but they also require more blending than this product. So with this, I end up with a more natural finish and with less effort to boot! It’s so easy to use when I’m feeling lazy! XD Which is like… all week. Haha! It’s affordable too, so I’d definitely repurchase.

Have any of you tried it? I know there are other versions other than “silky” out there by Etude House – have any of you tried those?

❤ Bine Queen ❤

4 thoughts on “[Review] Etude House Correct & Conceal CC Cream

  1. I just don’t “get” CC creams that transform in colour… Why don’t they just have the actual shade in the product instead of the white gimmick “magic” cream? It does provide a nice quick way to even out your skin tone, I guess, but why not just a tinted moisturizer then?
    It does look nice on you though! You have great skin!

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    1. I came back to reply again because I was thinking about it today. I heard somewhere that supposedly, the less you blend it out, the less pigmented capsules break, and the less color in changes, which means it can fit different skin types?? I don’t think that’s true though… Not really sure at all if the capsules help adjust to skin tone better than other products. I’ll have to test on my sisters, who are darker than me! 😀

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