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[Review] My Beauty Diary 2-Step Snail Repair Mask Pack

Morning all, and happy Snailday (Sunday)!

Last night I finally got around to trying this 2-step mask from MBD:

2-Step Repair Snail Mask Pack

2 Steps!!

Here’s the back of the box:

  Here’s what one mask packet looks like:

  And the back:  You tear off the top part:  Here are the ingredients for the mask:And the ingredients for the second step, the cream:    Inside the packet:

Here’s the sheet mask:  

It came with a perforated plastic backing: 

 My BEFORE face, cleansed and toned:

 My mask face:

 This one had nice, large cuts for the chin area and the outsides near the eyes. Great for adjusting!

Here’s Step 2’s cream, everything I could squeeze out:

Ok so… When I first applied the cream to my face, my first thought was, holy crap this is way too much product! Then, after it sank in, my second thought was, holy crap my face is already so moisturized!!! Seriously, I looked in the mirror thought I’d already fallen asleep and woken up. My skin looked so plump and smooth!! I couldn’t believe the results!

I applied the cream after I took off the mask, patted the remaining essence in my skin and added on my essences and night gel. So I used the cream as a replacement for my sleeping mask – the last step in my routine. This was the best idea I think, because it is so rich and thick. It really feels like an occlusive moisturizer.  

Here’s my AFTER face, after I woke up:


Lol… Excuse me for my facial expression, but at the time I had literally just stumbled out of bed… and these are the eyes of someone who just slept for 8 hours but usually only gets 4 hours of sleep.

Back to the mask! How have I never tried this one before?? If you haven’t, you need this in your life at least once!! It’s the most moisturizing mask I’ve ever laid my hands on. The results really remind me of the Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Sleeping Mask, except the results have lasted me throughout the entire day afterwards!! I guess it’s not just the sheet mask alone, because it also includes a cream – but man these have definitely made my holy grail list in one night and that is not something to sneeze at!!

Have any of you tried this? What other 2-step masks out there would you recommend?? I’m hooked!!

❤ Bine Queen ❤

4 thoughts on “[Review] My Beauty Diary 2-Step Snail Repair Mask Pack

  1. Your mask face is so serious, lol!
    I’ve tried a couple of 2 step masks but I don’t recall the 2nd step as white cream like yours, mine were gel serums. I don’t recall the brand but I got them off

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