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Comparison of Bioré UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence – Old vs. New!

Good morning everyone! And happy Tuesday! 😀

Over my cup o’ Joe, I’m typing up a comparison between the old and new version of the Bioré UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence facial sunscreen: 

  Here’s the back of the packaging for both:

  Here are the ingredients for the newest version:

  …and the ingredients for the older version:

  The newer version has Royal Jelly Extract, which I’m pretty excited about! The newer one also has higher percentages of sunscreen in it of course, to cause the new addition of a “+” in the label. Other than this, the two products are identical in ingredients – some of them have been shuffled around in their order, but otherwise, no other changes can be seen.

The two have major differences in packaging. The older version is covered in a layer of hard plastic:

 While the newer one is just shrink-wrapped and glued to the cardboard backing: 

  Here I am peeling off the shrink-wrap:

So this is what the newer version looks like (very similar, only the size of the letters has changed, pretty much):  

  The backside:

  With the twist-cap off:

 And here is what the older version looks like (the one that I’m almost done using):

The backside:

  With the twist-cap off:

Okay so how does the actual product inside compare??

Below is the old product:


It seems like a suspension (you can see the specks of sunscreen suspended in a gel) and it absorbs very quickly when blended out, and it’s very smooth and watery/gel-like. You can smell the alcohol in it slightly, but it’s really a very pleasant scent. Other sunscreens I’ve tried (Skin Aqua, Sara Fit) have such a strong alcohol smell, so when I went back to this one, it was such a relief!

And here is the new product:



Ohhhh my gosh, look at the difference in texture! And when blended out, it seems more watery than the older one. And this one seems really homogenous in consistency. AND so hydrating! It absorbed just as quickly as the older one, but it left my skin feeling so hydrated. Ahhhhh!!! I am so impressed! Can’t wait to try this on my face!!! 😀

So with this one, I can also kind of smell the alcohol in it, but I had to really, really try hard to detect the smell. This newer one smells even better, kind of a sweet smell! I am loving it already!!

Have any of you tried the new version, or the old version? What are your thoughts? What’s your favorite sunscreen?

❤ Bine Queen ❤

6 thoughts on “Comparison of Bioré UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence – Old vs. New!

  1. Oh, the new one definitely looks better! Good that it’s got higher SPF too!
    I used to SWEAR by Sofina Perfect UV Lucent SPF50+ PA+++ and then they discontinued it!!! It was the cult favourite to many people and it was a best seller. I have no idea why a company would choose to forgo sales and just change things for the sake of changing.
    I ended up switching from an Asian sunscreen to a Canadian one after that! I guess the Asian aesthetics for sunscreen and BB creams were starting to migrate over to North America so I found a Canadian one that was quite good, it’s from Lise Watier, called SunSmart:
    It has a physical / mineral sunscreen rather than a chemical sunscreen, which I prefer. The only thing is I wish it was higher SPF. It also applies very smoothly and acts like a makeup base for my foundation.
    Thanks for doing this sunscreen comparison – you took a lot of pictures!

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