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A’Pieu Essential Source Raspberry Dual Sheet Mask

Morning everyone! I hope you’ve all had your coffee, because this mask is going to be a thumbs down!

 Last night I tried out the A’Pieu Essential Source Raspberry Dual Sheet Mask:

A closer shot of the front:

Here’s the back, ingredients/instructions:

It’s called a “dual sheet” mask because it’s in two pieces, it seems.

Inside the packet:

Here are the two pieces – they’re folded together – below is a closeup of the texture of the mask:

Here they are separated:

As always, my BEFORE face cleansed and toned:

My mask face:

Man, the fit was really weird!! The mask was very porous. The nose was way too long, and unfortunately it just didn’t seem to be soaked with enough essence, so it kept falling off my face on the sides and the chin area – even the part near the top of my forehead!!

Below is a side view to show you how I had the two pieces arranged on my face… I even tried to help keep it on my face by tucking it into my headband lol:

And my AFTER face in the morning:   Well… I think it was pretty much about as useful as smearing a little essence on my face like normal. I didn’t nearly have enough essence to have an increased effect on my face like face masks are supposed to. When I first put it on it felt like a mask that had already been used, it had so little in it. So sad!! I was most excited about the raspberry one, such a shame. Oh well, though, such is life! Maybe the others that I got will be better? We shall see!

 On the plus side, it didn’t irritate my skin or make anything worse! But I definitely won’t repurchase this one.

Have you guys tried any A’Pieu masks?? What about any Raspberry ones?

❤ Bine Queen ❤

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