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[Review] The Rose of Versailles Antoinette Face Mask, by Creer Beaute

 Hey all! Good morning, and cheers to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! This Friday will be my last day of work for an entire delicious 9 days!! I’m off to Japan starting Monday, and my love and I are going to be exploring the Kansai region. Can’t wait!! It’ll be my first time in Japan!

So last night I tried out the Rose of Versailles Antoinette Face Mask, by Creer Beaute:
 Sorry, it was so shiny that it was kind of hard to photograph! I’d been eyeing this at Watson’s for aaaages, and I finally decided to try one out! It was funny trying to pick though, because it’s almost completely in Japanese. I had to kind of guess that this one was Royal Jelly? Probably? Probably. Lol.

Here’s the backside:

  And an attempted close-up of the ingredients:

 For the longest time I had no idea what this mask was called, but I finally found it in a corner of the translation sticker:

 Creer Beaute! 

Inside the packet:  

My BEFORE face, cleansed and toned:  

  Here’s the mask – it was very sturdy material, and it felt really worth the higher price. It was really well-soaked in essence, but at the same time it wasn’t dripping everywhere like My Beauty Diary. It was really nice, I don’t know how it was physically possible, but it was magic:

My mask face!  

Side view for entertainment:  

The fit wasn’t bad! I liked it. It felt very comfortable on my face and never slipped or slid around. It didn’t start falling off my face until my face had soaked up the essence. And it soaked it up quickly! Fifteen minutes went by and all of a sudden my face’s lower half was done soaking for some reason. I kept it on 5-10 mins longer for my upper half to catch up, lol. Here’s the dry mask, so you can see all the nice cuts in it for adjustment:  

  Holy wow there was a lot of essence left over in the packet, which shocked me considering how soaked the mask was too! I definitely bathed my face in this stuff afterwards and pat-pat-patted until it was all slurped up by my skin:

  My AFTER face the next morning:

 Please note that I don’t have any Mizon Blemish Out Pink Spot areas on my face this morning – my skin has been playing very nicely the last couple days! I highly recommend frequent sheet mask use if you have skin like mine (normal/dry), it seems to do wonders! 😀 Thanks to /u/SnowWhiteandtheAsianPear over at /r/AsianBeauty for inspiration and motivation! 😀

I really, really liked this mask. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the ingredient list looked good (and so did the design… but we never buy things based on design, right? RIGHT??? lol), and the road test proved that it’s worth the price, in my book! I’d definitely repurchase – it’s moisturizing, feels high-quality, and it’s comfortable for me to use. My skin liked it! 😀

Have you guys ever tried this brand’s masks?? I want to know about the others! I think… I’m going to go grab some more today… XD

8 thoughts on “[Review] The Rose of Versailles Antoinette Face Mask, by Creer Beaute

  1. OMG I’m so jealous you’re going to Japan! I guess it makes sense for you to travel there since you’re already in that region! Have fun buying all the Japanese goodies…
    The packaging on this mask is super awesome, lol. Why does she have tears in her eyes? Is this mask so good she’s crying?!
    The mask looks like it has a lines on it? Some sort of texture in the paper?
    I’m going to look for this mask – looks really high quality.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I’m so excited!! I never thought I’d make it to Japan this early in life, but life’s crazy sometimes!! We are so close that the round trip flight was $200USD each. We might go again before we go back to the States, just because we can lol!
      I don’t know what the tears are all about, but every single mask from Creer had women crying on them?? Lol! I hope I can find these! Yes there were vertical fibers in this mask. Loved it!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My bf has been to Japan twice! I haven’t gone yet but maybe within the next couple of years we will go – we’ve saved up a lot of travel points so we only have to pay the taxes. So excited for your trip. I’m sure you’ll have a great time!

        Liked by 1 person

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