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Mask Haul!!

Last week I went a little crazy with the sheet masks!!!

I picked up a couple Strawberry Yogurt masks from My Beauty Diary:

This was gifted to me by the store owner because I bought three boxes of her masks. She wanted me to try this one out:

I-We Ali Mountain Tea Sodium Hyaluronate

Ali Mountain is a famous mountain in Taiwan- they grow world-famous oolong tea on its mountain sides and it’s a popular tourist destination as well. I’m excited to try these!

I tried one of these and I was hooked. I bought two different variety packs from My Scheming:

AHHH!! Many more sheet mask reviews are in the works!! Also please excuse the formatting as I am not able to use my laptop while traveling – I’m limited to my phone and I can’t do certain things unfortunately!

Have you guy tried these before?

11 thoughts on “Mask Haul!!

  1. That’s so nice the store owner gave you freebies – this definitely builds customer loyalty and probably didn’t cost her very much!
    Looking forward to seeing these masks reviewed – never tried any of these.
    I have a sheet mask stash post coming up next week, it’s dedicated to you, lol!

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    1. Yes!! She just recently opened and she’s definitely been trying hard to befriend me. Guanxi is so important in business in Taiwan so she always gives me a small discount as well to make sure I come back! ^^

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      1. Haha, the gospel of sheet masks, I love it. I recently got my friend hooked too. She thought they were gimmicks but I gave her a few and she’s like, “omg my skin is so radiant and plump!” Now she wants to know where to buy her own! Haha, I’m a pusher, first one’s free, but the next one is going to cost you! ;P

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