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[Review] My Scheming L-Ascorbic Acid Brightening Mask

Happy Sunday everyone!! I tried out my first My Scheming mask and I am absolutely hooked!!

Here is the L-Ascorbic Acid Brightening Mask:

And the back:


Inside the packet:

The mask:

It came with a perforated plastic backing:

My BEFORE face, cleansed and toned:

Sorry about the angle, my boyfriend took that picture lol!

And check out my mask face:

Can you see the mask?? It’s barely visible!!! Love it!! And it really stuck to my face and felt very comfortable to wear. I could talk and smile and everything!

Here is the mask’s shape:

And my AFTER face, the morning after:

You guys, I really, really liked this mask. So much that I already went and bought two whole boxes of the My Scheming masks! You can check out my most recent Haul post for more details!

And I felt like this one really did brighten my face! I don’t know if you can tell in the pictures, but in person I could definitely see a difference! Amazing! Two thumbs up for this mask!!

Also an FYI, I’m currently traveling and blogging from my phone , so there are certain things I can’t do with regards to formatting and categorizing my posts, so all that will be sorted out when I come back in a week.

Have you guys tried this brand? Tell me about your experiences!!

❤ Bine Queen ❤

5 thoughts on “[Review] My Scheming L-Ascorbic Acid Brightening Mask

  1. I have a box of My Scheming masks (another formula) and love it, too. I like how the mask clings to my face better than MBD so I can move around a little more. Even though it’s thinner, it doesn’t impact how much serum is absorbed. –Angela

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