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[Review] Innisfree Ampoule Intense Cushion

CAUTION: this post is picture-heavy!!

Hey everyone!! I’m blogging today from Shirahama, Japan! I’ve been busy visiting hot springs and strolling along the beach. And finally getting a full night’s sleep, haha!!

Here’s a picture of me using a public foot hot spring:

I’ve been trying out all three of the Innisfree cushions to see what I like about each one.

Today I’ll talk about the Innisfree Ampoule Intense Cushion:

Here is the box it came in:

It’s so pretty! Love the minimalist design and the earthy colors.

Here’s the belly of the cushion:

I got mine in shade #13. I kept finding reviews online saying they were shocked about how light this was, but as an NC15 it fit me really well!

You push the little button to open it (it’s not spring loaded though):

Here it is opened in all its glory:

I do find that the lid for the cushion (the inside lid, not the outside one) is tricky because it doesn’t make a snapping sound when it shuts, so I always press down around it as well after use – just to make extra sure that it’s been closed.

Peeling the sticker off was an awesome feeling (this is my first cushion product lol):

Here’s my bare hand for reference: 

I pressed down with the sponge and got this:

The right side of my hand has product blended into it:

And here’s a bonus closeup of the sponge: 

Here is my BEFORE face: 
And my AFTER face (one layer):

And after two layers:

It’s a light coverage but it evened out my redness and brightened my face! It gave it a nice glow too. Although I do think it is slightly pink… But I fixed that with a little bronzer. And it only looks slightly pink if I use more than one layer. I have yellow undertones so pink-leaning  products don’t usually work for me, but this is still useable for sure.

For all three cushions I found their lasting power to be excellent – this picture below was taken after a seven hour workday with the Ampoule Intense Cushion:

This is literally the first time my blush lasted all day on me. It’s an amazing moment!! Also this is after I wore two layers of it all day, not just one. So it didn’t cake on me. It looked beautiful! Although as you can tell it does get more glowy as the day goes on, so I don’t think I would recommend this for oily or combination skin. I have normal to dry skin.

It’s also moisturizing for me (as advertised) which is good, because Japan’s air is a lot drier than Taiwan’s air at the moment… Or perhaps always drier than Taiwan actually – Taiwan is always so humid, even in the winter. It’s still Spring, and it can get a little chilly in the morning and evening in Japan.  I’ve worn this cushion quite a lot here, and the water glow cushion as well.

Except for the fact that this leans a little pink if I layer it, I really like this cushion and I’m excited to try all the other cushions out there!!!

Have you guys tried this cushion or any others? What’s your favorite cushion??

5 thoughts on “[Review] Innisfree Ampoule Intense Cushion

  1. It looks great on you and I’m glad it’s helped your blush to last all day – but I’m still a bit leery about having that sponge moist all the time and not being able to wash it. My friend uses the Face Shop one and she swears by it.

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    1. Yeah I agree – that’s why I held off from buying a cushion for so long as well! It’s unhygienic… But oh man the results have me hooked! I’ve rationalized it by promising myself that I’ll buy a new sponge every two or three months. Plus clean it every week! 😛

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