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[Review] Palgantong Real Impact Liner

Good morning everyone! I had to get up extra extra early today, unfortunately, so I’m chugging coffee at my local FamilyMart. Came home from Japan to NO internet (ugh still sorting that mess out) so I’m doing my early morning and late night teaching from this place lol. SINCE I’m here I’m also using my brain-melting shift to type up a long-overdue blog post for you all!

Today I’ll talk about something I have been using for a while now, and now can use in combination with my newfound Japanese brown mascara (YAY):

Palgantong Real Impact Liner (in brown – “bronze mocha”)

 It comes in two colors at my local Cosmed – brown or black. The packaging is lovely!

Here’s the back:

 The side:

 So it seems like Palgantong is a Korean company, but this packaging is from Japan.

 Here’s the bottle:

 It’s super elegant looking, with a matte finish on the bottom and a shiny finish for the screw-cap:


And here are a couple swatches: 

The first one is the “Bronze Mocha” that I bought and the second one is the “Black” version. Both are VERY pigmented and are also very long-wearing. Compared to my Za Liquid Eyeliner, it lasts about twice as long and doesn’t smudge! I couldn’t ask for more! And it’s a very lovely brown/bronze color as well – very natural looking. Before this, my brown liquid eyeliner was from Creer Beaute, and it wasn’t as good -that one smudged easily and was kind of a watery color. It was good for beginners with liquid eyeliner. Compared to Maybelline’s liquid eyeliner, it’s the same – Maybelline’s smudges easier than this one and doesn’t last as long. I had to scrub VERY hard to get this Palgantong one off – even on my hand, I had to use my waterproof eye-makeup remover for this one! Great job, Palgantong.

The applicator is also really nice – it’s a typical paintbrush-like applicator. It’s fine enough to make a nice, skinny line if I choose, or I can press slightly harder to create an elegant, thicker line. It’s very easy for me to control, but I also have a lot of experience with liquid eyeliners.  


This eyeliner I wouldn’t recommend for liquid eyeliner newbies – it dries quickly and can be easy to over-apply if you’re not careful. If you’re experienced with liquid eyeliners and want some high-quality, long-lasting eyeliner, I can’t say enough good things about this one!

Have you guys tried any Palgantong products? What do you think? Any recommendations?

❤ Bine Queen ❤

9 thoughts on “[Review] Palgantong Real Impact Liner

      1. I’ve been longing to since I read really good reviews about this. Korean Hallyu stars they say use this. What captures me is that this product has a blooming effect, or should I say movie like skin? Problem is I have to order this online for it’s not locally distributed in my country. And it’s always out of stock. Must be really that good.

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