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[Review] Peripera Choco-Choco Brow Mascara 

 Hey everyone, good morning!  Happy weekend!! Just had a couple lattes and I’m excitedly typing up another over-due review for you guys! 😀

This has been a staple for me over the past month. I’ve been really loving it!

The Peripera Choco-Choco Brow Mascara in dark brown (“dark choco”):

  Here’s the back of the box:

It comes in two different colors as far as I’m aware. The other color is a lighter brown.


And the product itself (SO CUTE):


It looks like chocolate is dripping over the cap! I LOVE IT ❤

The brush is nice – on one end, there are short bristles, and the other end has longer bristles. I mostly use the short end, because it offers more control and my eyebrows aren’t that thick.


Here’s a swatch:

And here’s my BEFORE and AFTER on my brows:

LEFT: no makeup                     RIGHT: Za eyebrow pencil + Peripera brow mascara

 Above: I’d already been wearing makeup all day, but for this review I wiped off my left eyebrow to show you the difference from start to end:

LEFT: Za eyebrow pencil                    RIGHT: Za eyebrow pencil + Peripera brow mascara
LEFT AND RIGHT: Za eyebrow pencil + Peripera brow mascara

You can tell in the middle picture that my eyebrow-in-progress still looks a tad too black when compared to my chocolatey-brown hair color. The eyebrow pencil I use from Za is more of a charcoal grey. Which is fine, but not an exact match for me.

In the last picture it’s clear that the Peripera Choco-Choco Brow Mascara is perfect because it gives it a slightly more chocolatey-brown tint, which is exactly what I need to match my natural hair color. Unfortunately, I think this only comes in two shades, so I know not everyone is going to find it an exact match – BUT I do think it can be more versatile if you pair it with an eyebrow pencil that has a better color for you.

As mentioned at the start, I LOVE this brow mascara. I’ve been using it for the past two months!! It tints my brows to match my dark-brown hair really well. It gives me the color I need AND it holds my brows in place really, really well.  I used to use ELF’s brow gel to hold my eyebrows in place, but I like this a lot more – it’s a much stronger hold and lasts all day. And, it’s adorable to boot! I will definitely repurchase! I got this at my local Watson’s, but I’m sure it can be found in any online store that carries Peripera products.

Have you guys tried this? What’s your favorite AB brow mascara?

❤ Bine Queen ❤

11 thoughts on “[Review] Peripera Choco-Choco Brow Mascara 

  1. I envy that your local Watsons carries Peripera . I wish ours also. I’m an ELF user too but since it’s about to hit the pan I would like to try this. Btw, have you tried Peripera Peristint Marker?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I read great raves here . The color seems highly pigmented, and the trademark kawaii packaging. 🙂 I wish you could do a review on it, eager to hear your thoughts.

        Liked by 1 person

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