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[Review] My Scheming Mandelic Acid Brightening Mask

Good morning everyone!! I’m so happy I have my thermos full of fresh coffee today – it infinitely improves my mood 😀

Last night I tried a new My Scheming mask, the Mandelic Acid Brightening Mask:

The packet is SO adorable (as usual), and the mask comes with a perforated plastic backing (just one). The mask itself is very, very thin compared to other brands (e.g. My Beauty Diary, Etude House, Narüko, etc) but still well-soaked with essence (enough to last about 20 minutes of sitting on my face). Still, I don’t find it difficult to apply at all!

Some people say they follow the instructions and apply it with the backing on first, then adjust it to fit – but somehow this just ruins the fit for me every time I try! What I do is get rid of the backing first, while carefully holding it spread out with one hand. Then, using two hands and grabbing near the eye holes, I apply around the eyes and nose bridge first. Second, I adjust the forehead area while the rest just hangs there. Lastly, I adjust each cheek and the chin – folding where necessary.

This mask doesn’t have any cuts to speak of (except around the nose of course). It is VERY transparent, to the point that my boyfriend last night kept stealing glances at my face, saying “I can’t tell whether you’re wearing a mask or not!!”. Score!!

My face the next morning was brighter, more even and more calm as well. It pretty much healed up the little acne spots that were on their way out, and… man, I cannot wait to use these more often!! I loved this mask!

To be honest though, I’ve loved EVERY SINGLE ONE of the My Scheming masks that I’ve tried so far. They are OH-mazing quality and they’re pretty similarly priced to the MBD masks (although MBD is slightly cheaper here in Taiwan).

If you guys haven’t tried My Scheming yet, I hiiiiiighly recommend giving them a shot, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed! Have any of you already tried them? Which ones do you like?

❤ Bine Queen ❤

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