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[Review] Evas Winter Cherry Hand Cream

 Morning all, and happy Friday!!! Thank goodness – I was so tired today that I couldn’t be bothered to make my own pour-over and I used my coffee machine for the first time in forever.

Today I’m looking at my new favorite hand cream brand – Evas!!

I’ve tried their Avocado flavor before, and now I’ve picked up their Winter Cherry Extract:

They all come in 100ml tubes. It’s a very generous amount when you compare it with other brands offered in-store here in Taiwan! It took me forever to finish my first tube, the avocado one. It has a twist-off cap and it’s a squeeze tube. New, it does come with a film that you peel off of the hole.

What I like about their creams is that they all have brightening ingredients as well, such as niacinamide, and other great ingredients such as ceramide 3 and shea butter. Ceramides help keep your skin barrier intact, which I love since I wash my hands with soap quite often. Soap can really dry out your hands!

Below is how much I’d use for both my hands:

It’s creamy but not too thick and it blends very easily. It absorbs quickly as well! I love the formulation – it’s not greasy at all but it’s very moisturizing. It keeps my cuticles really moisturized!

I have a special hand cream for use during the day that contains SPF in it – this Vitamin Hand line by Evas does not contain any SPF, so I use these indoors or in the evening when the sun is weak/gone.

I was hesitant to try this at first, because I prefer lotions that don’t have much scent to them. The Avocado version had virtually no scent at all, and I was afraid that since this was “winter cherry”, there’d be more fragrance to it. I was wrong! It looks like the whole line trends towards little-to-no fragrance. It smells ever-so-slightly like cherry, but it’s barely there and mostly just smells like lotion. Loving this hand cream so much, and I’m excited to try the rest of this line as well! Now I’m not afraid to try the others! 😀

Have you guys ever tried Evas products? What is your favorite hand cream?

❤ Bine Queen ❤

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