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[Review] Hera UV Mist Cushion SPF 50+ PA+++

Happy Saturday night everyone!! 😀

 If you follow my Instagram account, you’ll remember that I had a reckless moment at my local cosmetics store (“Girl’s Map”) when I found out they started to carry Hera/Iope/Laneige cushions!! I ended up buying TWO of them – one limited edition Hera UV Mist cushion and one Laneige BB Cushion. Today, I’m looking at my experience with the Hera UV Mist cushion:

The box reflects its contents in design – it’s all in Korean though, and the sticker is all in Chinese!

I looked up the ingredients online – you can find them and their ratings over at CosDNA!

I like how this cushion has SPF 50!! I know another version of this UV Mist cushion has only SPF 34.

As you can see in the picture, this one cost me $1,880 NTD, which is roughly $60 USD. Ouch!! Sometimes shopping in a foreign currency dulls my senses a bit. You don’t always realize how expensive something is unless you see it in your own currency, lol. I’m not one to shell out $60 for a face product, but I got too excited about actually being able to hold it in my hand and test it out! Usually I get them online because where I live in Taiwan, there aren’t any Korean brand storefronts. This store is the first and only one as of now to carry Korean cushions where I live!! So excited!! *screams*

This cushion comes with a refill though, so it does make the price hurt just a tad less. Here’s what’s inside the box:

I really like the LT’s design! It’s cute but the color scheme feels classy as well. 

  The lid shuts with a satisfying snapping sound. The cushion refill is easier to insert than the Innisfree ones. All you have to do here is pop it out by pushing up from the bottom. For the Innisfree cushions you have to pull it up and out  by the lid – you can’t push it gently and easily up like with most other cushions that I’ve seen!

The puff here leans purple instead of a royal blue color.  Not sure if that’s Hera’s usual puff or the LT version’s puff – you can write me a comment below if you know whether it’s their normal puff or not!

Here are pictures of the cushion:


This is in shade #21. I’m matched to #13 in both Innisfree and Laneige, but this was the lightest shade the store had in stock, so I gave it a shot. It’s light enough that I can get away with it, but it does make it look like I used a little bronzer lol.

It is fragranced – it smells like fresh herbs, and reminded me a little of what fresh cilantro smells like, but maybe less strong. It doesn’t last after application.

The cushion is firmer than the Innisfree ones but is comparable to the Laneige cushion. I can say the same about the puff! Both the Laneige and Hera puffs feel more stiff and padded than the Innisfree ones. I feel like they are higher quality, but the Innisfree puff does allow me to get into corners better like my nose area and my eyes.



  You can really tell that it brightens my face! This is definitely a yellow-toned cushion. It has more coverage than the Laneige BB cushion but not as much as the Innisfree Long Wear Cushion. I’d say it is light to medium and is buildable. With only one layer though, it’s definitely a light coverage. As you can see in the full-face-of-cushion picture above, it had trouble covering my blemishes on the right half of the picture.

The finish is a nice subtle glow and the flawless finish lasts for a few hours. On me (normal to dry skin), it does accentuate my pores near my nose and on my chin after a few hours. Although, currently I’m living in a very humid climate, so I am curious how it will perform at home (in the Midwest) where the climate is much less humid. It could very well be that I’m just sweating too much in this humidity. I will come back and update this post later in the summer, after I’ve moved back to the States! Here in Taiwan at least, I need to touch up throughout the day, so the lasting power in a humid environment is not as good as the Innisfree Long Wear.

Here is a full FOTD using this cushion:

I had to use a little more concealer over my blemishes! The picture on the right is more accurate to my skin color – I’m not sure how the one on the left ended up looking so pink! 😛

Overall I do like this cushion, but I would probably only repurchase if I can find a refill in a lighter shade. I would recommend it for people who have normal to dry skin and have a little extra money to spend! I’m sure the non-LT version costs a bit less.

Have you guys tried this cushion? What’s your favorite cushion product? 😀

11 thoughts on “[Review] Hera UV Mist Cushion SPF 50+ PA+++

  1. I mentioned before but I’m not sure about the cushion products… however, I think this trend is becoming more North American mainstream because I saw that Lancome released their own version!

    Still unsure…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I heard about that one! I read about Lancome’s cushion and the reviews are saying it’s not nearly as good as the cheaper Korean brands. I think the Western brands will need more practice 😉

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  2. Omg the packaging is gorgeous!!
    I currently have the Ultra Moisture one, but I’m planning on getting this next. Innisfree is always a shade too light for me u.u
    Have you tried it with a primer on your pores? It’s going to be summer soon where I live and it’s like a baking oven kind of hot. I want to know if this is worth getting if I can make it last a bit longer with primer.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can definitely get away with it, but you can tell that it doesn’t match my skin tone exactly. It’s a touch too dark, so I have to blend it down my neck! Innisfree’s and Laneige’s #13 are both exact matches for me, so I’ll be trying a shade up with Hera next chance I get! I’ll probably do a swatch post one of these days and then you can really tell how dark this one is once it’s seen side-by-side with the other ones.


  3. I haven’t tried any yet. There are some promising ones that really caught my eye like Clio’s VF21 (Vampire Face)?? Cushion CC which the high SPF amazes me (at 50 + PA+++) not to mention the vampire face it claims. And another newly released one from Hera which is the Age Reverse Cushion with the instant wrinkle cover.

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  4. Oh my gosh, the case is so pretty and it looks so pretty on you! That case is so stunning, I think I would have been blinded too the minute I held it in my hand!

    “Sometimes shopping in a foreign currency dulls my senses a bit.”
    Oh my gosh haha. So I had a layover in Japan going on my way to South Korea. I’d gotten used to spending Won, and so I just saw all the Yen as Won. It was only when the currency exchange showed up on the card reader I was like, “Oh my gosh, no! I have to put things back!”

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    1. I definitely had a bit of buyer’s remorse after my foray 😀

      What did you end up getting? Did you put up a blog post for that haul? I’d love to see what you found!


  5. Hello! I came accross this page while searching for the colours of Hera’s BB cushion. I saw on eBay only C21 is available with this packaging. I am Laneige 21, and Sulwhasoo 23. This might go well with me right? Since you mentioned you are Laneige 13 and you felt that this might be too dark for you.

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