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May 2015 Asian Beauty Favorites!

Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Sleeping Mask

This mask is my HG default. I am currently trying out different sleeping masks at the moment, but when I need to fall back on something more reliable, I always reach for this one. I’ve been falling back on this one a lot these days because it’s getting hotter and more humid outside here in Taiwan. Other sleeping masks that I have tried recently tended to make me more oily looking with this summer weather, but this one dries to a matte finish and is still very hydrating for my skin.

Innisfree Long Wear Cushion

This case is from the Ampoule Intense cushion, but I’ve switched it out for a refill of the Long Wear cushion. The Long Wear is perfect for this hot weather when I need something that lasts better when I sweat. Even though I am normal to dry, I’ve been getting so sweaty in the humidity that the Long Wear really works for me right now.

Laneige BB Cushion 

On the days that I’m not sweating buckets, I like to reach for this cushion. It’s moisturizing and dewy and doesn’t ever look cakey. It always gives me a flawless finish, but not in extremely humid weather!!

Mizon Snail Repair Blemish Balm 

I’ve been trying to use up more tube products lately instead of using my cushions exclusively, and this is my favorite BB Cream! It has a good medium coverage, but it’s dewy, so in this very sweaty weather I have to powder it off.

Peripera Eyebrow Pencil & Choco-Choco Brow Mascara


I use this daily and the writing has already rubbed off it, haha. It’s great for quickly filling my eyebrows.

I love this eyebrow gel/tint – it holds my eyebrows firmly in place and tints them a nice warm, chocolate brown.

Skinfood Honey Eye Cream

I absolutely fell head over heels for this eye cream!! I desperately need the full size! Before this, I used the Narüko Taiwan Magnolia Vitamin K Eye Cream because I thought it would get rid of my dark circles over time. And it did help, but not as much as this cream!! The Skinfood Honey Eye Cream gives me instant results!! The next morning, my undereyes are super hydrated and don’t look dark at all! I guess I just had dark undereyes because they weren’t properly hydrated!

Solone Eyeshadow Stick 

I’d been letting this gather dust, but in May I started picking it up again because it’s an easy, quick way to get some eyeshadow on. It does crease on my oily lids though, so I just keep it on the eyelid and I don’t blend it upwards. I want to get more shades, it’s very convenient!

Etude House Acai Berry Mask & Lululun Masks

The Acai Berry is my favorite from Etude House! I think the antioxidants are really good for my face, and I love the hydrating effect this one has. I’ve also tried the Green Tea and Aloe Vera from Etude House, but I like this one better!

 I love these for everyday masks! They are quick and effective. And I do think that these brightening ones have a nice cumulative effect if used daily!

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum 

This has been my favorite serum this month! I went from just using it in the mornings to also using it at night. I’m getting ready to buy a back-up already!!

What are your favorites this month?? Let me know if you have any questions!

7 thoughts on “May 2015 Asian Beauty Favorites!

  1. Laneige bb cushions are currently my fave! I don’t know if the ones in Asia are different, but the ones they have at Target matches my skintone way better than my Iope cushion! Haven’t tried the Innisfree one, but I’m a big fan of the Innisfree mineral foundation!

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  2. When you have such cushions on hand, how do you even make yourself use a regular BB cream?

    My faves for the month (so far) are my Banila Co Miss Flower & Mr Honey Essence Oil, Berrisom placenta eye gels, my Hera cushion, and my CosRX honey cream still.

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    1. Do you have reviews on the essence oil and that honey cream? Both sound delicious to me 😀

      I guess I still sometimes like to use BB creams because I miss using my makeup brushes haha!


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