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[Review] Esfolio Snail Essence Mask Sheet

Good morning, everyone!! Happy Almost-Friday! 😀

Last night I tried another Esfolio mask, this time their Snail Essence Mask Sheet:

The packaging they use is so adorable!! Love the rounded edges of the packet as well! Here’s what it looks like inside and out:   

The ingredient lists on their masks all seem pretty much the same except for the key ingredient, which I actually kind of like! Consistency is good, especially when the results are really good! 😀

This mask was really juicy; when I ripped it open, some essence actually splashed out, haha!


The fit is always so good for me with Esfolio masks! Just like their Milk Essence mask, this one was thick and well-soaked with essence, and feels sturdy/substantial. Good quality! I made small adjustments to my cheeks, chin-area and upper lip. There are cuts near the chin, but otherwise no other cuts besides the standard nose slits! The fit for my eyes is perfect.

After I used the mask, I noticed that my skin immediately felt much better! This mask was SO incredibly moisturizing, just like their Milk Essence. Also, I don’t know if it even showed up in my after picture, but this mask evened out my skin tone like nobody’s business! When I looked in the mirror this morning I was shocked at how even my skin was! Especially considering I’m battling against a new blemish. If it weren’t for that blemish, my skin would have looked FLAWLESS!! My skin was calm and there was absolutely no redness in my face at all.

I LOVED this mask! What with my blemish, I figured my skin could use a healing boost, and woah baby! I got what I asked for! I will definitely buy more back-ups, just like I did with the Milk Essence. Another great find!! If you guys can get your hands on these, I highly recommend you try them!

HERE is their website if you’re curious! What do you guys think? I for one can’t wait to try the others!

❤ Bine  Queen ❤

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