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[Review] FaceQ Milk Moisturizing Foot Mask

Morning everyone! Last night I tried out a new mask – but this time, a FOOT mask, from the company “FaceQ” in Taiwan:     It comes in individually packaged essence-soaked cloths for both feet:When you pull the feet mask packages apart, they rip at the top, creating the opening for your feet. This is nice, because I’ve used others where you have to cut the top, so this is more convenient. No scissors needed!

Also, my foot size is 42 in Taiwan, or 9.5 in America. These fit me fine with some extra room for maybe another size or two up from me!

They have little sticky tabs – once you peel off the backing, you can pull it around your ankle and stick it shut to keep all the moisture in:

It’s really nice and nothing leaked! Very comfortable if you don’t mind the squishy feeling of walking around in soaked cloths with plastic over it… lol! Pretty convenient though, because I could go around the house as usual and do my thing while my feet soaked.

I tried another mask from this brand for moisture (the Rose one) but I didn’t think it was as good. This Milk version is much better and for the whole next day, my feet were baby soft and supple. I DO think it’s important to maintain that with other creams to keep the effect going though, because without continued moisturization, my feet went back to the way they were before. XD I’d totally repurchase these, and pick up a foot cream while I’m at it, too!

Have you guys tried any foot masks? Any recommendations?

❤ Bine Queen ❤

4 thoughts on “[Review] FaceQ Milk Moisturizing Foot Mask

  1. I use the Holika Holika one shot peeling foot mask and IT CHANGED MY LIFE! That is some serious acid peel in that mask. My feet was peeling for days! It did feel so weird wearing that squishy plastic booties (I had to keep mine on for an hour and a half!)

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