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[Review] Solone Fantasy Wonderful Eyeshadow Kit

 Hey guys!! Today I’m excited to review my favorite brand for eyeshadows here in Taiwan, Solone:

Fantasy Wonderland Eyeshadow Kit:

I like that Mica is the first ingredient, because I so often find that it’s Talc instead these days.

This palette doesn’t have a mirror, but it has a cute little saying instead, and comes with a typical little sponge applicator:

There are no matte shadows in this palette, but I didn’t expect there to be since I’m in Asia… lol 😀

Still, I don’t mind the shimmer, because it’s not too chunky or anything. The shades are all smooth and creamy, and I’d compare the consistency to the Wet N Wild eyeshadows in the U.S.

The two big square highlight shadows on the right side of the palette do have glitter that is slightly bigger, so I usually limit those to my inner corner/tear duct.

This palette has all my favorite essential warm colors and nudes!! I’ve gotten compliments while wearing colors from this palette already 😀

There’s a peachy pink, a maroon, a shimmery nude, a gray, a gold, a brown/bronze, and a white and a pink highlight! I love all of these because they’re so pigmented and blend so easily. And the pay-off is amazing with a brush or the sponge that it comes with. It’s handy to use on the go! I’m happy because usually the eyeshadows that I swatch at Watson’s from other companies are usually so light and too glittery, or they’re just so repetitive that I don’t buy them, but these really caught my eye. And once applied, they stay all day – I haven’t been using any primers!

What do you guys think? What are your favorite AB eyeshadows? What brands do you like?

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