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[Review] Za Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation

 Morning everyone!! Today I’m talking about the first AB foundation that I’ve ever tried. Usually I buy BB creams or CC creams, or cushions – so this is an AB first! 😀 And I’m in love!!

Za is a Taiwanese company that I’ve tried stuff from before, like their eyeliner pencil and liquid eyeliner, or their brow pencil. I like their products, they’re good!

This was a great deal, because they had a promotion/package deal with a sponge that looks exactly like the famous beauty blender:

  It comes in a simple squeeze tube, and it’s easy to dispense as little or as much as you want! At Watson’s, they had 4 different shades – 2 for pink undertones and 2 for yellow undertones. This was the lighter shade for yellow undertones. Hopefully they have more shades available at other locations or online, but I’m not sure!


You can see how precise you can be when dispensing! It’s a pretty nice squeeze tube.

  Below is my left cheek without any foundation and my right cheek with one layer of the foundation:

  One layer gives you light coverage – enough to even out redness but not enough to cover up major blemishes or freckles.

 It does make me look really flawless, and you can’t really tell I have foundation on!! Here is a close-up after I put a finishing power on top:

It covers my pores really well – usually without foundation or BB cream, you can see some more prominent sebaceous filaments on my nose and around it, but above I can tell they’ve been well-covered!

You can build up the coverage a little with more layers, but I think with the beauty blender dupe it’s hard, because it tends to sheer it out. I think if you apply it with your fingers or a brush you might be able to build it up to medium coverage. 


  Above I also have concealer on my undereyes and blemishes! I also did my eyebrows already, lol.

Here’s a full FOTD in two different lighting situations:


With a finishing powder, the dewiness is toned down a bit, but without powder it is dewy. Not as dewy as some BB creams I have, though! It looks very natural.

Overall, I like this foundation! It lasted all day on me too, when I powdered it to set it. I got some compliments as well!

Have you guys tried this foundation? What’s your favorite AB foundation?

❤ Bine Queen ❤

6 thoughts on “[Review] Za Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation

  1. It looks great on you!!! I’m going to see if I can find this foundation here in the states!
    The first (and only) Asian foundation I’ve tried is the Innisfree mineral moisture one, and I LOVE it! In fact, it’s replaced all of my bb creams and cushions.

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  2. I’ve heard great things about the brand Za. There was a compact foundation that I had wanted to try before too – the packaging was fantastic.
    This foundation looks like something I’d like too – and that sponge is a total BB dupe (in appearance anyway, not sure about the texture). This foundation looks great on you! 🙂

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