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[Review] Esfolio Honey Essence Mask Sheet

Morning, everyone!! Sorry I’ve been MIA, the Dragon Boat Festival in Taiwan has been keeping me busy with constant visitors, haha!

Last night I got the chance to try out a new mask from Esfolio:

 Honey Essence Mask Sheet The packaging is super cute! It has a lot of Sodium hyaluronate and also has honey extract, of course!

 This mask was well-soaked and very sturdy! It only had cuts near the chin for adjustment, but that was enough. The eye shape was very nice and it was comfortable to wear and stuck to my face well.

 It did have a strong honey scent, so if you don’t like scents, this one might not be that great for you. Although I have to say it wasn’t off-putting for me, personally. This was just the most scented one I’ve tried from Esfolio so far!

Oh my god, this BEFORE / AFTER below still makes me cringe! I look like a zombie in my BEFORE picture, my skin looks so dull!! 

You can tell this mask really helped my complexion the next day! My skin looks brighter and healthier, and it helped plump up the sunken skin around my eyes as well. My skin looks very even, too!

So far this mask has been just as good (if not better) than the other Esfolio masks I’ve tried! I’ve yet to come across a mask of theirs that isn’t amazing! 😀

What’s your favorite honey mask?? MBD’s honey masks aren’t too shabby, either!

❤ Bine Queen ❤

4 thoughts on “[Review] Esfolio Honey Essence Mask Sheet

  1. Ooh Dragon Boat Festival – sounds like it involves eating, right? lol
    I love honey scented stuff! And this mask definitely gave your skin some life! I’ve never used a honey mask before, I don’t recall – I shall have to look for one now.

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  2. Can you believe I haven’t found a honey sheet mask that I love yet? Closest I’ve come is Tosowoong Pure Propolis, but though that one smells like honey, I don’t think there’s any in it. Banila Co Miss Flower & Mr Honey is a great bee-based hydrogel though!

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  3. That was so great to read your reviews about Esfolio masks! I am just reading your post while wearing the collagen version of it with a cute piggy on the packaging. I also bought the milky, the egg and the red ginseng masks, but didn’t tried yet.
    Love shopping in Ponya, however sometimes I can spend there hours without buying anyting… Too much thing in one place, too many great and cheap products.

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