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[Review] Esfolio Volcanic Water Essence Mask Sheet

Good morning, all!!

Typing up a couple reviews over my morning cup o’ joe!! This time, 7-Eleven kept me awake:

Good ol’ 7-Eleven. That is a life-changing store in Taiwan. Did you know you can pay utility bills, send mail, make photocopies, withdraw money, order things online, and buy all manner of train/concert tickets there?? That place is the definition of convenience.

But, I digress!! Here is my review of the Esfolio Volcanic Water Essence Mask Sheet:

 Packaging/ingredients:  Here’s what the mask looks like:It only has cuts for the chin, and feels thick and sturdy, well-soaked with essence.

Here’s a BEFORE/AFTER: Like the others I’ve tried so far, this Esfolio mask hydrates well and leaves my face even. I don’t see any advantages specifically about having volcanic water in there, but apparently, “Volcanic Ash is high in Sulphur, an active Mineral ingredient which not only helps the body to resist bacteria but actually destroy it.” I took that from a Spa website, so not sure if that’s true, but many people go to hot springs because the sulfuric water is supposedly good for you, so there must be something to it!

I’d probably buy these before I leave to get my sulfur action on once I leave Taiwan! Then, at least my face will be getting its regular sulfur dose. While in Taiwan we’ve been regularly going to hot springs, so this way I can kind of take it with me! XD

Have you guys tried anything with volcanic ash? Did you find any effects when used daily?

❤ Bine Queen ❤

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