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[Review] Makeup Remover Puff (finger-sleeve version)

Hey everyone! I’ve almost used up a full box of these and wanted to throw in my two cents, since to me these are more of a uniquely Asian product that I don’t see in America yet.


This brand is from Japan, and I know nothing about it except that you can buy them at a 7-Eleven in Taiwan. However, I’m sure other brands sell this shape/style.

This came in an 80 pack, and every time I take off my makeup I use a total of 6 puffs – 2 for both my eyes (stubborn waterproof mascara), 2 for my face makeup, 1 for my Mizon toner, and 1 for my Narüko toner. It has lasted me a little over a two weeks I think, haha. These cost me $45 NTD, which is roughly $1.40 USD.

Here is what they look like:


You can see the progression of makeup removal! Haha. They have an extra little layer on the back to act as a sleeve over your fingers. I like to use three fingers so that it stays snugly on while I swipe my face with it. I do find that it’s thinner than the traditional cotton rounds, so I don’t think I’ll repurchase, but it is still really nice to use because they are gentler on the face. And since your fingers fit inside of it instead of having to hold it (like with cotton rounds), it makes it super easy to remove your makeup.

I like these, overall, but I find that since cotton rounds are thicker, I can use less when I remove my makeup. Still, these would be better for applying toners, IMO.

What are your guys’ favorite makeup remover puffs? I’m curious about what other people’s preferences are and why! Let me know! 😀

❤ Bine Queen ❤

6 thoughts on “[Review] Makeup Remover Puff (finger-sleeve version)

  1. Interesting concept! I bet these would be good for removing nail polishes too!
    I like using oil cleansers and then I follow up with micellar water on a cotton pad – I use Shiseido’s facial cotton and also Delon cotton rounds – one side is rough and the other side is smooth, and not linty at all. 🙂


    1. I’ve been using the Watson’s cotton rounds and they are very good quality – but these were nice while they lasted! I think I still prefer traditional cotton rounds, though, they seem to soak up much more product, which is great for removing makeup or nail polish.

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  2. I love most Asian pads, can’t think of a specific brand. I tried them many years ago in college and thought they were rubbish; they just fall apart when you remove makeup or nail polish. But now that I’m in the habit of applying toners/first essences, I love the Asian ones. I can basically squeeze the pad dry so all the toner goes onto my face, whereas Western ones absorb a lot of the liquid. I still keep the regular Western ones around for nail polish removal though.


  3. Ohhhh so that’s what the little fold on one side is for. I got a pack of these as a freebie from Missha once and was so confused. I did really like using them to apply FTE though, for the same reason as angelanrenee up above. I always get Japanese facial cottons now!

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