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[Review] TonyMoly Orange Whitening Hand Cream

Happy weekend everyone!! The other day, I went shopping with my sister (yay sister time!!) and we stopped by my local Urban Outfitters to check out their AB products. I found a TonyMoly Orange Whitening Hand Cream on sale for $5 (original price $8 I think). I don’t think I would ever get it full price, considering how small it is:


I could forgive the size if a little went a long way, but that’s not true in my experience with this cream. I need a good dollop to get both my hands, and I can’t foresee this thing lasting me for long.

It’s thick and creamy but absorbs quickly.


If you want a hand cream that smells exactly like fresh oranges, this is the one for you! I want to eat my hands after I apply it.


I didn’t really notice any evening of the skin or lightening, but then again before I used this cream, I had used another Korean one with lots of niacinamide in it, and that one already did wonders for my hands – so perhaps there’s just not much to be done with my hands for now.

Have you guys tried this cream? Do you have any experience with other hand creams from TonyMoly? They all smell so delicious!!

❤ Bine Queen ❤

5 thoughts on “[Review] TonyMoly Orange Whitening Hand Cream

  1. I haven’t tried this yet but I was about to (since I fancy whitening) not until I get a run down of your review. It’s a shame to say that the price was based on the cute packaging and not the product content.
    I used to have a Tony Moly Tomatox and it’s in a cute tomato packaging but it’s a good buy for me.


    1. I have yet to try that famous Tomatox product! It is a shame about the effectiveness and quantity, I was surprised because until now, I’ve loved all my TonyMoly products. But this one just fell short of my standards! Although it IS adorable and smells wonderful.

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  2. My daughter (age 33) loves these and I’ve purchased the apple, tangerine, and peach ones for her. I’ve not seen the orange, but that will be next when I’m near a Tony Moly store.

    She also has the cute little soaps in the egg crate carton.

    As these were gifts, the usual price/value criteria were not operative.


  3. Got this handcream in the Tangerine Memebox, and it just feels super gimmicky. Cute, smells nice, but I too find it mostly nonfunctional other than to have a cute orange on my desk.


    1. I felt pretty similar when I got it. Luckily, it was just an UO’s sale item – I’d definitely never buy it full-price, it’s too small and not as ineffective compared to my other hand creams. 😛


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