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[Review] My Scheming Hot Spring Water Moisturizing Mask

I really wanted to try this one because it’s so unique! I’ve heard of “volcanic water” masks and other volcanic water products, and maybe it’s the same thing they’re talking about, but this mask specifically says it uses hot spring water!!

The picture on the mask really makes me miss the hot springs I used so often in Taiwan, and in Japan. *sigh* At the Japanese and Taiwanese hot springs, the women would carefully cup some of the special water at the source and splash their face with it continuously. It’s very good for your skin, supposedly, and I will say my skin was nice every time I took a dip. 😉

As with all My Scheming masks, it was very, very thin and a tad difficult to apply if it’s your first time trying. It comes with a perforated plastic backing. Thank goodness, too, because it’s so thin.

But what is this ingredients list!!! I don’t see any hot spring water in that list… unless they just grouped it in with the regular water, but I doubt it. Just looks like a standard ingredient list for any of their masks. Poop.


Well, I tried it anyway, and it was decent! But I won’t buy it again, because if I’m going to buy something special, it better have that special ingredient in it that made me want to buy it in the first place. 😦

Still, it’s not bad, either. It did it’s job – my face felt hydrated and looked more even in the morning. But that’s what all of their masks do, so if you’re looking for something with special hot spring water, don’t get this one – I’m not quite sure it actually has any in it!

Have you guys found any awesome hot spring water or volcanic water products?

❤ Bine Queen ❤

2 thoughts on “[Review] My Scheming Hot Spring Water Moisturizing Mask

  1. Ooh this just reminded me! After I saw your My Scheming rec a couple of months ago I bought a box of the Skin Clarifying Astringent ones and recced the Mandelic Acid ones to my friends 🙂 I absolutely love the astringent ones I have – thank you for the great rec! 😀

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