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[Review] Nature Republic Real Nature Royal Jelly Mask Sheet

 I tried my first Nature Republic product the other day:

Nature Republic Royal Jelly Real Nature Mask Sheet

  The pictures on the packet look absolutely mouth-watering!!!!!!! Beautifully done.When I opened the packet, I got a big whiff of fermented honey! It was a good smell. I think it’s because of the mix of honey and alcohol in there, but somehow it wasn’t off-putting at all.
I didn’t mind the fit at all with this one! It fit my face decently and didn’t fall off my chin constantly. It has cuts all the way around the nose and for the chin and temples. It fit the length and height of my nose really well. AND my mouth wasn’t drenched in liquid or awkwardly obscured by the mask. I was happy!

Unfortunately, I somehow managed to delete my BEFORE picture, but you can pretend it was slightly less glowy than my AFTER picture here:

I felt that this honey mask was very moisturizing, but I don’t know if it does much in terms of brightening/evening out the skin tone. It’s definitely up there in my favorite honey masks, though! It’s better than the My Beauty Diary royal jelly mask, and I’d say it was about the same as the Esfolio Honey Mask. 10/10 for the moisture, but 1/10 for evening out skin tone!

Have you guys tried any Nature Republic masks? I’ve still got the Acai Berry and Shea Butter ones to try out! Coming soon 😀

❤ Bine Queen ❤

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