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[Review] My Scheming Oolong Tea Oil Cut Mask

 I was super excited when I saw this because at the time I’d just spent almost a year in prime Oolog tea country. Sooooo delicious! The packaging, as always for My Scheming, is very whimsical, and features little cartoon tea rows:

   I love that they put in a little teapot there!! XD And I double-checked the ingredients, it does indeed have tea extract in there, as well as niacinamide (oooh!), aloe leaf juice, and lentil seed extract! Wow!

Here’s the inside of the packet and my mask face:

  As usual per My Scheming, the mask is nearly completely transparent, and is very thin. It can be a tad difficult to apply because it’s so thin, but it’s very lovely on the skin and you can talk and move around without dislodging it. It does come with a perforated plastic backing, because it’s so thin, of course! This did smell slightly like tea to me, but there wasn’t much of a smell. Maybe I was just imagining it… 😉

 Well, I felt that it was just as hydrating as all the other My Scheming masks I’ve tried, which means it did a decent job. Apparently (according to the back), it’s called “Oil Cut” because it’s supposed to decrease sebum production, but since I don’t have oily skin, I didn’t notice anything. I have normal/dry skin, and it didn’t dry me out or anything. But I think tea is supposed to be an astringent?

I think this is one of this masks that you need to try for a week straight to see if it makes a difference, though, but as a one-usage mask, it’s hydrating and calming. Plus, the normal perks of My Scheming masks, which are that they are like a second skin and always have a lot of extra essence in the packet. I would like to purchase more of these Oolong Tea ones to see whether they’re any better than those popular green tea masks out there in the AB market.

Have you tried any kind of tea-related masks? Which ones did you like the best? I remember the Etude House I Need You Green Tea was decent as well, for me.

❤ Bine Queen ❤

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