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[Review] Nature Republic Acai Berry Real Nature Mask Sheet

  I was super excited to try this mask out, because I looooved Etude House’s Acai Berry mask! 

The packaging was really delicious, just like their Honey mask!

Here are the ingredients/inside of the packet below:  
 I was very surprised when I looked inside! This mask is creamy instead of clear! WOW! Creamy masks are my favorite kind of mask, but I never thought an Acai Berry mask would be creamy. YAY 😀

It smelled lovely, like some kind of a berry. I can’t say whether it smelled specifically like Acai Berry, because I’ve never seen them in real life. 😛

The fit was GREAT with these, loved it! And, it felt thicker than their honey mask. It really stuck to my skin and the eye and mouth holes were perfect!

It was moisturizing, and I think it helped plump up my skin a little, like my undereyes. With regards to  evening out skin tone… I think the jury is still out until I try out more of them. Once I do, I’ll put in an update for you guys below.

Have you guys tried any Acai Berry masks? What about creamy ones?

❤ Bine Queen ❤

4 thoughts on “[Review] Nature Republic Acai Berry Real Nature Mask Sheet

  1. Never tried any masks with creamy essence – interesting! I bet it was very hydrating.
    I just tried a mandelic acid sheet mask the other day – I was super scared to use it but it was really nice actually. I’m going to seek out more acid type sheet masks, and a creamy one too if I can figure out which ones are creamy! 😛

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