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[Review] Nature Republic Shea Butter Real Nature Mask Sheet

I just tried another Nature Republic mask the other night, and I think I found a new favorite! It is SO amazingly moisturizing!!

The packaging is nice and I still love the pictures they put on the front. It always looks so inviting!

  Here are the instructions/ingredients:
  Can you see how CREAMY it is inside the packet?! Oh. My. God. Creamy masks are my jam. I need moisture!! Also, this had such a nice smell. It was a really awesome, neutral lotiony-type smell. Mmmm.


Oooooohhhh I absolutely fell in love with this mask, guys. So, for reference again, I have normal/dry skin. You know I love my thick, creamy moisturizing masks (lookin’ at you, Esfolio Milk Essence) – the kind that gives me glowing, plump, moisturized, healthy-looking skin when I wake up and makes me want to do a happy dance around my bathroom. This. Is one. Of those masks.

I woke up and the healing blemish on my chin (you can see the red spot on the bottom right) looked much better, my skin had such a healthy glow to it, my undereyes were better, my tone was even, and it just plumb made my day! My makeup went on beautifully and my skin didn’t feel dry that day at all. 😀 My skin looked so damn good I actually considered not putting makeup on that day… but I couldn’t resist, because I fricking love my BB cream. XD

For those of you with oily skin, if you see this mask, RUN. Far away. But for those of you with dry skin, YOU HAVE FOUND AN ANGEL. A protector for those poor, dry skin cells in dry/cold weather. It is my ultimate dry-skin-condition mask, and I love it (dare I say it) even more than my Esfolio Milk Essence. *gasp* O.o

Has anyone else tried this amazing unicorn-rainbow mask? What are your HG moisture masks?

❤ Bine Queen ❤

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