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[Review] LoveMore Pearl Barley & Milk Soothing Mask Sheet

 Wheee! I’ve seen lots of love for LoveMore masks in the AB community, but this is my first time actually trying one:

The packaging feels sturdy and thick, just like Nature Republic or Innisfree mask packets. The instructions on the back are very helpful for this particular mask, so make sure to look at the whole 1-2-3, or you could have issues like I did! XD More on that coming up.

Note: on the backside of the packet, on the bottom right, it says this mask is made of silk! That’s pretty cool.

First, I wanted to bring attention to the bottom of the packet, on the back:

  Usually AB products only have the the manufacturing date, or sometimes only the expiration date. THIS mask has BOTH! Sweet!

Here is a closeup of the ingredients:

I noticed in Taiwan that Pearl Barley (often called Job’s Tears in Taiwan) was a very popular skincare ingredient, or food ingredient. You can often find it in oatmeal-type cereals or health food, and the Taiwanese brand “Narüko” also has several skincare products centered around Job’s Tears.

Okay, so here is where “reading the instructions” would’ve come in handy. Ahem.

The mask came with TWO backings – one white, plastic perforated backing, and one soft/flexible blue backing. Being stupidly confident/ignorant, I took off the blue one first and realized my mistake when I struggled not to rip it while applying it to my face:
It ended up a little more wrinkled than I would’ve liked. But it’s my fault, lol. SO: the mask is extremely thin – paper thin! Second-skin thin. EVEN thinner than the My Scheming masks, I’d say!

The thick, white plastic backing comes off first – then you apply it to your face with the blue backing still on. The blue backing feels like a thick, flexible, soft mesh that will help keep the thin mask intact as you apply it to your face. After applying, you can peel the blue backing off.

The mask had a little scent to it – it was hard to describe, but somewhere in between floral and lotion-y.

And here’s my BEFORE / AFTER:

Soooo, it didn’t help even out my skin tone – I woke up with some redness, but the effect did seem hydrating and firming. Actually, as soon as the mask essence started sinking in, I felt my skin getting tighter/more firm. And looking at the AFTER picture, I kind of think it helped my fine lines around the eyes…!

The packet claims that it will leave your skin looking healthier and more radiant. Well, I suppose so! My skin did stay glowy and healthy-looking, but I do wish it’d done more for evening out my skin tone.

I liked this mask, and it intrigued me, but I’m still on the fence as to whether I’d repurchase this particular one. It definitely made me want to try out more LoveMore masks, though!

Do you guys have any recommendations for your favorite LoveMore masks? I’d love to hear!

❤ Bine Queen ❤

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