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[Review] Lululun Okinawa Mask Sheets (7-pack)

I’m reviewing something that I’d picked up at a 7-Eleven in Taiwan! (⌒-⌒; )  Lululun masks (from Japan) are super nice for every-day use! They are more environmentally-friendly because they come in packs of 7 or more! I love these packs of 7 for traveling. They also come in packs of 30-40 masks as well, and in different forms! You can buy the kind that I got – a zipper pouch. There is also a box that you can buy, that opens like a facial wipe pouch – just a flap that you peel open, and pull a mask out, and close the flap again. I personally like the zipper pouches, because the boxes tend to leak during travel, in my experience.

Lululun has many different kinds of masks, and one blogger really helped me figure out what kinds there were (since everything on the pouch is in Japanese). She has the explanations split into three parts, because Lululun just had so many kinds! Here’s PART 1 (the regular versions) – PART 2 (the travel editions) – and PART 3 (the scented versions), if you’re interested.

The kind that I’m reviewing today is from their “Travel Edition” line, and it’s named after an island in Japan called “Okinawa”. I’ve heard people say that it’s the “Hawaii of Japan”. o(^_^)o 

 The package is cute, I love the shiny lettering and designs, and the solid, bright red color! The packaging did make it difficult to photograph, however – sorry about that, guys! It’s very shiny stuff!

The masks are always folded (without backings) on themselves like the ones from Etude House or Nature Republic. These are thinner than Etude House but thicker than My Scheming. They have enough essence in them to use the masks for about 20 to 30 minutes. The fit is okay! They stick to my face well enough, and the cuts are nice for my eyes/nose/mouth. These masks smelled delicious and fruity!
This particular mask is supposed to be good for maintaining clear skin – it has bitter melon and acerola fruit in it.

Acerola fruit is supposed to be very rich in Vitamin C as well as Vitamins A, B1, B2, and B3 (niacinamide). It also is rich in carotenoids and bioflavonoids!

Bitter melon is something I encountered a lot in Taiwan – people who wanted to be extra pious (Buddhist, I believe) would eat this. It is EXTREMELY bitter. I can barely hold it in my mouth before I have to spit it out, even after it being cooked! Apparently, bitter melon has been shown to be hypoglycemic if consumed, so it’s very good to eat if you have diabetes. I’m not sure what ailments it can be used for in Taiwan, but online I found a variety of ailments it was supposed to be good for.

Here’s my BEFORE / AFTER: I didn’t notice a big effect with regards to moisture, BUT I did find that it was pretty effective in keeping my skin clearer. I really liked it compared to the other ones I’d tried from Lululun! This one’s my favorite Lululun mask so far! I would totally repurchase these. o(^_^)o  They help my skin, and they are cheaper when bought in bulk, compared to other masks that come in single packs! IMO, this makes them a great choice for someone looking for a dependable every-day mask, like me!

Have you guys tried any Lululun masks? What do you think?

❤ Bine Queen ❤

6 thoughts on “[Review] Lululun Okinawa Mask Sheets (7-pack)

    1. I like it a lot for every-day use! It’s not the BEST quality, but it also isn’t shoddy quality, either. It’s good enough for what I need, and I can’t complain about the price! 😀


      1. Most of the lululun masks have similar effects, it’s just that each colour has one particular focus amongst them too so try them all and let me know how they each work out. I’m thinking of giving the blue one a shot which focuses more on hydration


      2. I’ve tried the Pink and Blue, and Silver as well. Out of those three, the Silver was my favorite (the whitening one). I thought the Pink and Blue were alright! I don’t think you could really go wrong with any of them, personally, but other people might find them to be very different on their skin.


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