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[Review] Nature Republic Aqua Collagen Solution Mask Sheet

 This mask was one of the freebies that I received when I shopped at the Nature Republic store in Taipei. I’m finally getting around to trying it out!

The packaging was pretty typical for Nature Republic – the packet material is not cheap-looking or feeling, and the design on the front is very inviting.

Here are the ingredients:
  It has a lot of grapefruit extract in it!

Here is what it looks like:
  It’s a fairly thick mask, and the essence is creamy/milky. It smelled really nice, kind of fruity! The mask was thicker than My Beauty Diary, but about the same as Innisfree or Etude House. There were cuts in the mask near the chin to adjust, and cuts on the bridge of the nose.

Here is my BEFORE / AFTER:

I was very impressed with this mask! If I ever need a boost of moisture, I’ll use this one – it’s very moisturizing and seemed to keep my skin tone even, too. My face in the morning looked glowing and healthy! Loved the effect! You can tell my skin in the morning was much dewier-looking! And I loved how my undereyes looked, too – very plump and healthy.

I would definitely repurchase – this one, along with the Shea Butter, are my favorite Nature Republic sheet masks!

Have any of you tried this one before? What was your experience?

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