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[Review] Cleomee Donkey Real Milk Oil Mask

 I have high expectations when a mask claims to have “whitening & wrinkle improvement” abilities – but I think this mask stepped up to the plate with its performance. It did not disappoint!

I got this mask as a “freebie” from Skin18 (for more details, see my Skin18 Haul post). I don’t know anything about the company “Cleomee“, but my experience made me want to buy more!

Here is the packaging:

  Here are the claims, instructions and ingredients:
  Here is what the mask looks like just out of the packet:As you can tell, it’s a thick mask with a thick, creamy/milky essence. It smelled really nice, but it wasn’t a strong scent, so I liked it. It was a milky smell.

Here is what the mask looks like, on and off my face:
The fit was great, as you can tell! It really fit me perfectly. It had cuts to adjust around the chin and the bridge of the nose.

And here is my BEFORE / AFTER I was really impressed with this mask, as I mentioned! You can tell in the pictures that my face in the morning is really moisturized and glowing, and my skin tone was very even! My undereyes were plump and healthy-looking instead of sunken in and dark-looking. I think this effect really reduced the appearance of my fine lines around my eyes!

I would love to repurchase this one! BUT despite these magical results, I do think this is a very rich mask, and IMHO I would personally only suggest daily use for those with very dry skin. I think that anyone with normal/combo skin should probably use this only twice/three times a week, tops, and those with oily skin might want to use this sparingly.

Have you guys tried any donkey milk/oil products?? What did you think about them?

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