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[Review] Etude House Rice Mask

Today I’m looking at the “purifying” rice mask by Etude House.

I generally really like Etude House masks – they are one of the more dependable brands for masks in my opinion.

I recently put in an order for more masks because they had a promotion, and  I wanted to try more of their creamy essence masks. Rice is one of them!

The packaging is lovely as always – simple, inviting, and pretty!

Here are the ingredients:

I see grapefruit extract near the top of the list, so you know this mask will also be brightening. It does indeed have rice extract, among others.

Here’s what it looks like as you open it and take it out:

You can see the essence in the Rice mask is creamy/milky. Etude House masks are usually good quality – not too thick and not too thin, and have a good amount of essence soaked in. And it stays in the mask too – usually I don’t have much extra in the packets after I take the mask out.

This fitted my face well. Minimal wrinkling, and they had cuts near the chin for adjustment. I especially liked how this mask fits snugly around my eyes!

Here it is in my face, and off (after use):

I used it for about a half hour. Most of it was soaked up into my skin – there was a little left in the forehead area. That happens to me with every mask though, it’s weird! Like my forehead has trouble absorbing it lol.

Below is my BEFORE / AFTER picture! I recently had someone mention that they wanted me to take them in the same lighting – I usually take my before picture at night before bed in artificial light, and my morning pictures are after I wake up, so it’s usually with natural sunlight. I’m trying from now on to find a place in the house where I can take my morning pictures with artificial light only.

I succeeded with this particular one – both the “night before” and the “morning after” pictures are taken in artificial light:

Whew I look tired in the morning haha. I had to take a CNA exam and I was up in the early hours.

I really liked this mask – more than I anticipated! For these reasons:

  • Undereyes – My bedtime picture looks like I have bruises under my eyes practically, haha. But in the morning, my under eyes looked brighter, less sunken in and hydrated.
  • Tone – My skin looked brighter overall in the morning, and felt hydrated and firmer (bouncy?).

I would totally repurchase this! I actually just got this as a side purchase (not my main interest), but it turned out to be well worth a second look!

Have you guys tried it? What about other Rice-themed masks?

7 thoughts on “[Review] Etude House Rice Mask

  1. That’s so funny about your forehead. My fivehead is consistently the most thirsty part of my face (and it isn’t gravity causing that part of masks to dry up fastest on me, as I generally mask lying flat on my back)!

    I think the consistent lighting in your pictures is a nice improvement, though to be honest I never had a problem seeing the changes before either. I’ve always liked the way you do things ☺

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