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[Review] Nature Republic Fresh Green Tea 70 Emulsion

I’ve been waiting a long time to try this emulsion out! It’s been sitting in my drawer, staring at me, while I try to finish off all my samples first.  I’m glad I picked his up, because it’s a decent emulsion!

The bottle is very sturdy – it’s made of thick plastic that really reminds you of the feel of a glass bottle.

It’s presented very simply and neatly. They have the expiration date on the bottom:

The cap is also made of thick plastic, and they have a very thick seal underneath. It’s a combination of a plug and those plastic rings you have to rip off of your gallon of milk:

Very nice! Well-protected until the first opening.

And here are the ingredients as well (picture is linked to source):

I did a little snooping around the Nature Republic website to see what their claims were about this product. They say that they use “Polynesian” sea water taken from around a coral reef, so it’s supposed to be better for your skin. And they also claim to use young “tea buds” instead of regular tea leaves. Now, very young tea buds is essentially what “white tea” is, but the bottle says “green tea”, which are older tea leaves that also have been processed a bit more than white tea. So… Not sure what they mean exactly.

I also noticed that on their website (the English version at least), they feature pictures of what looks like mint… Not green tea…

Here is their featured picture:

Hmmm… That doesn’t look like tea. I did a quick google search to double check, and…

That’s what I thought! Tea, even when just budding, has long and slender leaves with veining patterns that are much different than the other plant they chose to use in their ad. So weird! They even got it wrong again when they talked about the key ingredients:

Anyway, I digress, but the point is, they should probably not use random plant pictures in their ad!

Ahem. Back to the product…

Here is how it looks when you shake some out of the bottle into your palm:

It looks and feels emollient! The scent it has is kind of a cross between green tea and fresh laundry, to me. But it’s a very light smell, which I like! It dissipates quickly after application.

If I spread it around, it looks like this:

It spreads very easily, and during application it feels pretty milky. It absorbs very quickly, reminding me of the speed of the Innisfree Volcanic Pore set’s absorbing skills. It feels moisturizing but not too emollient – I think that people with combination skin might like this as well. I would say it’s great for those who have normal or combination skin. But it might not be great for those with completely oily or completely dry skin!

Overall I’ve been liking it, but watch out for any of those flagged ingredients that you might be sensitive to! I was fine with it, but not everyone is! It’s a decent emulsion but I wouldn’t say it’s anything special or ground-breaking. It’s moisturizing enough for my normal/dry skin now, but I don’t think it’ll be enough in Winter.

Have you guys tried this? What about other tea emulsions?

8 thoughts on “[Review] Nature Republic Fresh Green Tea 70 Emulsion

  1. Can you explain the difference between an emulsion and a serum? Or is this meant to be a moisturizer? I’m currently using an emulsion from The Face Shop and I really like it – I use it as my day time moisturizer… over top of another serum, not sure if I’m using it correctly.


    1. An emulsion is just a lotion/moisturizer! You’re definitely using it right! ^^ Not sure why they need to call it an emulsion instead of a lotion… Maybe it has to do with the ingredients. Not sure about the reason for the different labeling!

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  2. It’s nice to know my skin isn’t sensitive to those ingredients. I have this and no matter how little I use my combination skin doesn’t absorb it. Leaves me oily/shiny but at least no break outs

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    1. That sucks!! I have normal to dry (in Taiwan it was normal though, humidity was so high), and in Taiwan it was very moisturizing for me. Here in the States in Winter it still is, which surprised me actually. I didn’t think it would hold up for the winter for me, but it did!

      From the sound of things, you might like the Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore line – have you tried any of those products? They were only slightly moisturizing for me, and seemed to be more for combo/oily skin when I tried them.


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