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[Review] Etude House Snail Mask

Just like the Etude House Rice Mask that I previously reviewed, this is one of Etude House’s creamy essence masks.

The packaging is absolutely adorable:

Here are the ingredients:

Grapefruit extract is near the top of the list (I see a pattern here hah), so this should be brightening. It does indeed have snail secretion filtrate, as well as honeysuckle, peach leaf and ginkgo extracts, among others.

Here is what the mask looks like in the packet and on my face:

It’s at a good thickness, and well-soaked. I kept it on for about an hour. My forehead always takes a lot longer than the rest of my face. I liked the cut if the mask, because it fit snugly around my eyes without irritating them. That way, it also helps my under-eyes. And the Etude House masks never bother my mouth too!

Here is my BEFORE / AFTER:

I tried my hardest to get my morning after picture in artificial lighting (like the night before), but it wasn’t perfect. Hopefully it’s still good enough for you guys!

It did a number on my under-eyes and I did wake up to glowing, healthy-looking skin! I really liked this mask and I think it helped moisturize my skin. Not sure about brightening – I think the Rice mask was better in that case.

This is my favorite snail mask though, because it’s a creamy essence and yet not too emollient. That way I can use it in the Summer and Fall too, before I need to use the heavy creams and such!

Have you guys tried this mask, or other snail masks? What’s your favorite?

4 thoughts on “[Review] Etude House Snail Mask

    1. I think you are my mask preference opposite! I loved the Su:m37 bubble mask and creamy essences are among my favorites. Although… I did put the bubble mask on the back burner for a while after reading your review. When I took the photos for my review I used Bioderma after I rinsed it off to make really sure I left no residue. I also waited a few days after using it to write a full report just in case I get negative effects!

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