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[Review] Etude House Moistfull Collagen Foundation

I’m excited to say that I’m reviewing a very new product for you today!!

Etude House just released the Moistfull Collagen Foundation. There are two shades available, and I got it in shade #1 Light Beige:

It’s a cream foundation in a compact and comes with a puff.

I loooove the packaging – so cute!! And they used the same color scheme as their Moistfull Collagen skincare line.

Here’s the back:

Here is a closeup of the ingredients:

I’m happy that they have SPF50+ PA+++ for us in this product. Although I still have to use a sunscreen underneath, I still appreciate high SPF in my face makeup!

The button opens the lid and the inner lid  simultaneously:

You can see that it lifts up underneath the inner lid (which protects the foundation from drying out), so you want to make sure you close the inner lid again if you’re just opening it to use the mirror (as I do sometimes haha).

This packaging feels sturdier than their Precious Mineral Any Cushion packaging.

Here is the first look at the inside:

There was a sticker to protect the foundation, but I got too excited and had already peeled it off before I took any pictures! XD

Here are a couple close ups:

I tilted it in the second picture here so you could see how it looks in the sunlight!

I swatched it below – in the first picture I’ve circled the area I swiped it onto, and below I patted it out onto the entire back of my hand:

It matches my NC15 skin tone incredibly well!!!! I’m so happy!!!! I was ecstatic while swatching this, I couldn’t believe how it looked just like my skin. ^^

When I swipe at the foundation with the puff, it glides onto the puff very easily and smoothly, and it does feel very moisturizing. It spreads very, very easily.

I tried to use swiping motions at first, because with the Luna Water Essence Founpact (another Korean cream compact foundation) that worked better – but with this foundation, I found that patting it in was better for application and gave better results.

Here is a BEFORE / AFTER:

I would say it is a Light to Medium coverage foundation (it is buildable, but be careful not to look cakey) – one layer is light coverage, but it really took the redness out of my skin and evened out my skin tone well. It also covered some of my freckles, but many are still peeking through, making it look very natural. My undereyes still need some concealer, as would blemishes if I had had any that day.

And here is a completed FOTD (simple, no eyeshadow, just blush/lipstick/mascara/brows):

I wanted to see how one layer of this product would fare over the course of my work day. I am a CNA (Nursing Assistant), so I am constantly running around and answering call lights, etc. I don’t usually sweat much, but I can if it gets a little hectic.

At the end of my work day (8 hours), this foundation looked a little dewier on me than it did just after application. It had faded a little, but I would say (judging from the residue on my cotton rounds) that roughly 40-50% of it stayed on my face after a total of 8 hours – and that’s also with rubbing my nose/face on my sleeve at work (I can’t scratch any itches with my hands since I’m in healthcare).

One thing I will add, though, is that it did settle into my fine lines around my eyes, so watch out for that. I will try to avoid putting too much of this around my eyes in the future. If you don’t have an issue with fine lines yet, then you should be good to go.

All in all, judging from how it feels and its performance, I think I would mostly use this on weekends, which is when I want something lighter in coverage, moisturizing, and easy to put on. It was easier to apply than BB cushions because it required less blending (patting).

I am happy with my purchase, and I think I would buy it again! I still favor the Luna Water Essence Founpact during my workweek due to the higher coverage, but this is a great lighter coverage cream compact that gives me an easy, dewy, healthy look! And it will help protect my skin from the cold, dry winter air.

–> UPDATE: Today is 1/1/17, I’ve been using this on and off since I bought it. I still really like this for lighter coverage days, and I noticed that patting it in works much better for me. I also now know that I shouldn’t write it off right away when it doesn’t apply flawlessly at first – at first, it seems like it accentuates my pores but after I let it set, or set it with powder, it looks flawless. Great stuff!

6 thoughts on “[Review] Etude House Moistfull Collagen Foundation

  1. This looks great on you – a bit dewy but very natural looking. When I first saw the swirl on the compact, I thought it looked like the CoverGirl and Olay stuff:

    But this looks way better. 🙂 The packaging is so nice – I’d imagine this would be fantastic for travel.
    I don’t use any Asian foundations… just BB creams! I like this one from a brand called Charmzone, it’s a really good match. Hard to find though… I stumbled on it at a Korean grocery store. It wasn’t cheap either ($45 for a tube) but I really like it.

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