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[Review] Etude House Tea Tree Mask

My skin started showing a couple small bumps and irritations the past couple of days,  so last night I tried out this mask!

The packaging reminds me that it’s like the Red Cross for my skin. ^^

Here are the ingredients:

Grapefruit extract seems to always be included in every Etude House sheet mask, and always near the top of the ingredient list.

They did put in Tea Tree Leaf Extract, as well as Honeysuckle, Peach Leaf, and Gingko Extracts among others.

Here is the mask outside the packet:

Sorry for the deer in headlights look…

It looks more translucent than the Snail mask because this one is not a creamy/milky essence. The thickness is still the same. The cut is still a very good fit for me. It has cuts for adjusting near the chin, and I folded it a little on my cheeks. I kept it on for about a half hour.

(Night) BEFORE / (Morning) AFTER:

When I woke up, my irritations and bumps were gone!! I didn’t see much of a difference in terms of skin tone or hydration, but it definitely calmed and soothed my skin a lot. I will definitely buy this again for skin repair! I also want to try their Mugwort mask in the future.

What are your favorite skin emergency masks? Which ingredients work for you??

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