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[Review] Nature Republic Rose Real Nature Mask Sheet

This mask has Damask Rose Extract, and it smells so good!! Just like sticking your nose in a rose!

Here’s the packaging: 

So pretty!!!

And the ingredients:

The mask was well-soaked with translucent and viscous essence.

Here is some more information on the ingredients:

A lot of moisturizing ingredients as well as a couple antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

The best ones here (IMO) are: Sodium hyaluronate and all the plant extracts.

Here is what it looks like out of the packet:

The fit was decent. There was definitely enough room for my eyes. The nose fit well enough. I had to do a lot of folding on the cheeks to get it to fit better, it was pretty big!

The mask sheet was not too thin and not too thick – easy to apply and it adhered well to my skin.

Here is my usual BEFORE (evening) / AFTER (morning):

It helped calm my skin and kept my skin looking even and healthy. It was about average in terms of hydration, I would say. Nothing in terms of skin brightening, that I noticed.

I don’t think I would buy this again, just because it was average. I have some Etude House green tea masks or mugwort masks that I favor when it comes to calming my skin, so this one wouldn’t really be necessary in my collection.

Overall, it was decent but not exciting or extraordinary. It was alright. I would recommend it if you love rose-scented products though, it does have a lovely scent!

What are your favorite rose products?

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