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[Review] Mirum The Aqua Bomb Mask

Hey everyone!! 😀

I’ve just started settling into my new home close to nursing school, and everything is slowly falling into place.

…except my skin. Lol.

My skin has been very dry and dehydrated lately. It’s been irritated. The weather has finally dipped into the teens and we are seeing snow and ice. My creams and essences weren’t cutting it. I had no choice but to intervene with an extra boost of hydration, and this mask seemed promising with its name and all.

The packaging really reminds me of Leaders masks. Cute, but also very official-looking. The only thing is that this time, the back had no English. This mask was sent as a freebie by Skin18, from their promotion. As far as I know, it’s still going – check their website for more information.

Usually I don’t put things on my face unless I know what’s in it… But with sheet masks I always seem to make an exception lol. It’s like a one-time journey into the unknown in the name of skincare!

To help you guys out, I tried to find the ingredients after the fact – but came up with nothing. I found a few Mirum reviews and such, but no mention of the entire list of ingredients. I did find marketing claims of course, on Skin18’s website:

Hmm. Well, it looks like it’s supposed to hydrate and tighten pores, and the magical “birch liquid” will do magical things.

More information on the Birch Liquid:

I have to say, comparing birch liquid to water in terms of nutrients is silly, but it does help you make impressive claims.

It did peak my interest though, and I found a lot of information on Motherearthnews.com about the medicinal uses for birch.

Apparently, it has a long history of medicinal use. Birch Leaf Oil can be used for treating cellulite, muscle aches, rheumatism, eczema, and psoriasis. You can also consume birch leaf tea and birch sap. Huh!

Unfortunately, Mirum and Skin18 only say that this mask contains “white birch liquid”… So I’m not sure whether they used birch bark extract, birch leaf oil, or birch leaf tea… I guess we shall never know.

In any case… Here is the mask:

It had ridges in the cotton, which was interesting. Maybe it helped the mask stick to my face better?

I have to admit, it didn’t slide around on my face. Who knows.

The fit was good, although I did have to fold it to adjust it. It had cuts near the chin and temples for adjustment.

Here are my very unprofessional “before/after” shots, both taken in the bathroom facing the lights:

It might be hard to see the results in the pictures, but my skin was irritated and dry the night before. I had a couple pimples starting on my upper forehead and eyebrow. There was a lot of redness in my skin and it really looked dull.

The next morning, my skin did look visibly healthier. It had more of a glow, much of the redness was gone, and my skin tone looked more even to me. It just looked more moisturized/hydrated and happy, which is what I wanted.

If you’re looking for something to give your skin an “Aqua” boost, I think this works well. I definitely saw results. It worked just as well as my Etude House or My Beauty Diary masks, I think, and for something that can give me overnight improvements, I think it’s worth the money. You can buy these at Skin18 for a dollar and some change, or buy packs of 10 on eBay. I don’t think I will repurchase, just because it’s not as widely available as other masks. But if it were easier to get, I probably would pick up a few.

Have you tried any Mirum products? What do you think??

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