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August Empties!

My empties box has become full again and it’s time to talk about these products and then throw them all out!

In my empties posts I like to give mini reviews on each product and whether or not I would repurchase.

Note: I have a normal to dry skin type at the moment.


Benton Snail Bee, Etude House Mugwort, Nature Republic Acai Berry
  • Benton Snail Bee High Content Mask Pack
    This was actually really amazing. I was impressed with the results (see my post for more information) and I would definitely repurchase this.
  • Etude House I Need You Mugwort
    This was great for calming my skin. I have repurchased but they are discontinuing this line and reinventing it. I like this, but it’s not impressive enough for me to buy it again. I just generally prefer the milky essence type masks too, and this one was a clear essence type. The milky ones work for my skin type better.
  • Nature Republic Real Nature Acai Berry
    This is a good one, very reliable for moisture and plumping my skin. I’ve repurchased it and have back-ups.

  • A’Pieu Clean Up Herb Source Cleansing Water
    I’ve featured this too many times – low pH, favorite cleansing water, no residue, yadda yadda. I’m also currently testing out Garnier’s right now and it’s not bad. Would totally repurchase.
  • MyPu Black Pearl & Gold Velvet Gel are Patch
    This thing is actually still full. I had to throw it out because it went bad. After a couple uses I discovered it wasn’t effective, so it sat gathering dust until now. Wouldn’t recommend. Not repurchasing.
  • Acure Coconut + Argan Oil Cleansing Towelettes
    These were actually very good. I would repurchase these but haven’t yet because I have others to use up. It removed my makeup very well without stripping my skin and I woke up to nice skin on those days when I was too tired and only used this. Smells deliciously of coconut!
  • Mizon AHA 8% Peeling Serum
    This was my HG acid and now I’m out and it’s discontinued!! 😭 I’m considering trying out CosRX soon. For now I’m just using my Holika Holika Peeling Jam (a gommage peel). I’d love to repurchase this if I could!! Alas… Mizon decided it wasn’t good enough to keep around.

  • Lioele Time Reversing Snail Cream
    This was so good, actually! I was surprised!! I might actually purchase this when I run out of my current cream. I really liked how moisturized my skin was the next morning!
  • CosRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid
    I think I like this one. I can’t exactly tell how much it did for me, but all I know is my skin did look better the next morning! Hmmm. I might have to try it for more than just one use to really see if it gives results.
  • CosRX AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid
    I think this will make an excellent replacement for my Mizon AHA 8% peeling serum loss! I wonder if the “7” in the name means it has 7% of the acid? Either way, my skin looked glower the next morning!
  • CosRX Galactomyces 95 Mucin Power Essence
    OH MY GOSH. Out of all of them, I thought this gave some INSTANT results. The morning after trying this out in my night routine, I woke up to some SERIOUS even skin tone and just… such a nice natural glow and I can’t get OVER how great my skin looked! This has definitely moved up the list of my “wants”. I need this in my life sooner than other things!

  • NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray
    I have repurchased this already – I loooove this setting spray when I think my makeup looks too powdery or matte. It gives me some serious glow for the rest of the day and keeps my makeup in place fairly well, but it doesn’t play well with all my makeup. I might try the Urban Decay All Nighter spray next, I’ve heard good things about the lasting power. I’m going to need some serious lasting power pretty soon.
  • Missha M Magic Cushion (Brown)
    This is a refill of their cushion from the famous Line x Missha collaboration – Brown bear is supposed to be the “matte” version and the Sally cushion is supposed to be the “moisture” version. Despite being considered the “matte” version, this Brown cushion does have a dewy finish, just not as dewy as the Sally one. I really like this cushion, but it does transfer if you don’t set it or don’t use a primer – so it is a little fussier than my other cushions. BUT it is also cheaper – so that kind of makes up for it if you’re not willing to shell out more for the other brands. It’s got excellent coverage (medium to high) so that’s another plus. I don’t know if I’ll repurchase, but I’m already working through the second refill it came with! We shall see if I miss it enough when it’s gone! It is hard to find cushions with higher coverage!
  • Laneige BB Cushion
    This is a really nice cushion – but I personally can get the same effect with the Etude House cushion for cheap! I probably won’t repurchase this, but I will use it all up! It’s easy to blend and gives light to medium coverage, nice natural/dewy finish.
  • Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion
    This is my favorite cushion of all time. I definitely will repurchase, but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet – waiting for my next haul! So excited to get another refill for this, it’s my go-to year-round! Great natural finish, light to medium coverage, easy to apply/blend, lasts all day, just perfect!!
  • Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder
    This is such an amazing compact powder – it sets EVERYTHING beautifully and effortlessly. This poor compact fell on my bathroom floor and shattered – I’ll have to grab another soon!!
  • Etude House All Day Fix Liquid Liner
    This was just meh. Not going to repurchase. Felt tip liner, dried out kind of quickly, and it smeared if you went over the same spot twice. I’d recommend their brush tip liners instead, they are amazing.
  • Wet N Wild Pencil Eyeliner
    Another meh. Transfers, but does the job for a short time. This was a cheap fill-in until I could get something I liked. Used quite a lot though, as you can see – they come in looooong pencils. SUPER cheap. Transfers less if you put powder on top. Not going to repurchase unless I’m super broke.
  • Etude House Brow Mascara
    This was okay. It does the job, gives some color and some hold, but still not the best brow mascara I’ve used. Not going to repurchase. I love the Peripera Choco Brow Mascara! That one’s the best I’ve ever used for tint and hold.
  • MFC Concealer
    This was pretty good but the consistency was bad since I couldn’t use it up quickly enough. I had this for many months and I finally just had to toss it. It was a really light color and blended easily on my undereyes, had decent coverage. Just couldn’t really use it up! I won’t repurchase since I’m trying out other concealers at the moment, but I would consider it. It’s decent enough!

  • Yes To Coconut Shampoo
    This was great! I love all the Yes To products, but this was really nice – it lathered up well, it smelled like delicious coconut, and it did right by my dry scalp/hair. Combined with the conditioner, this was a winner! Not repurchasing right away because I’m trying out another shampoo at the moment. 🙂
  • Trader Joe’s Coconut Body Butter
    This was my second tub, and I like it, but I really enjoy the Pumpkin version (they sell it in the Fall) more for the smell and consistency. Still, this is a very nice, luxurious, thick body butter that really makes your skin soft and coconut-y. Yum!! I’d repurchase this, but Trader Joe’s goes through seasonal rotations. We shall see!
    –> BY THE WAY – Insider’s Tip – that Pumpkin body butter is so popular that it sells out like HOT CAKES and people buy in bulk and re-sell online at a higher price point. Grab those while you can if you see them in-store!

I hope these short blurbs were helpful! I’m already gearing up for another empties, haha – I’ll post it sometime in September. That box is getting full again!! XD

Thanks for reading – leave me a comment if you want to know more about any of these products or if you just feel like chatting! ❤

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