3B (Beauty Beyond Borders) Unboxing

I recently decided to subscribe to this monthly box of samples and such – and I’m happy that I made that decision! This is my first box from 3B, and I’m happy with it!

It came in the mail just like this:


I do appreciate that they actually send it in a box – I’m subscribed to the Beauteque Mask Maven, which comes in the same packaging seen below, but instead of a box they use padded envelopes. Both have their pros and cons, but there’s something special about getting a box in the mail! Haha!


“Sparkle & Shine” was the theme this time!


I do actually love these little drawstring, see-through bags they come in – the Beauteque Mask Maven comes in the same type of bag, and I save all of them. I reuse them when I need to give small gifts and such. They come in handy!

To be honest, when I first unpacked this, I was kind of disappointed with what I received:


I’m used to getting a lot of those foil packet samples for free when I order from Jolse, so I felt like I wasn’t getting my money’s worth at first.

Then, I saw the breakdown and description:


At first, I was pretty skeptical about the Skin Perfecting Serums, so I actually looked it up online. It’s amazingly difficult to find, and I really could not find any other website to purchase this besides the 3B Box website itself. I did finally come across a Singaporean website selling it – perhaps to find a Japanese website I would have to Google-search in Japanese? Here is a screenshot of the V10 Licorice serum on the Singaporean website:


$128 Singaporean dollars translates to just over $90 USD at the moment. On the 3B website, they go for $95 USD per bottle at the moment (on sale, down from $98 per bottle).

So, now I’m finally satisfied that these foil packets are actually worth quite a bit more than I thought! Hmmm!

I did also look into the other products, and their estimated prices are fairly accurate, which is nice. I’ve seen other subscription boxes really overestimating the worth of the products in the boxes, so I’m glad that 3B is more up-front about it. The Manyo Factory Herb Cleansing Oil I’ve already reviewed here, if you’re interested. I think the 3B website does sell the products for a few dollars more than other websites, but I suppose you’re paying for the convenience of easy access to the products you’re receiving samples of. I do agree that from the U.S. it’d be much easier to order the V10 serums from 3B than from other places. Otherwise, the prices don’t seem to be too much more inflated compared to other websites.

Overall, I’m really content with what I’ve received in this box and I’m very excited to see what they send me next time! I’m sticking with 3B for now! They seem to offer people the chance to sample expensive, effective products at a really reasonable monthly price ($15, free shipping in U.S.)!

I really can’t beat that price for the quality! I have been enjoying the Wei Rapid Glow Liquid Milk sample and the Manyo Factory Herb Cleansing Oil lately. I’ve used up one of the V10 Licorice serum packets and some of the CosRX patches as well. I’ll be trying to get those full reviews up soon! ❤

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